Coronation Street.spoiler video reveals brave moment Amy exposes rapist Aaron

A new Coronation Street spoiler video indicates that Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney), who has been suffering in silence after being subjected to Aaron Sandford’s (James Craven) horrific rape horror, will shortly come forward.

Amy was mortified to learn that Aaron had slept with her after a night of drinking without her permission.

Amy confronted him about it, but he wouldn’t admit that he had done anything wrong, leading her to worry whether anybody would take her word for it.

She is “just feeling deflated” and wonders in her brain, “How can I even begin to tell anyone this when he doesn’t even believe me – and he’s done it,” especially when Aaron is telling her, “Don’t tell anybody,” and she feels like she isn’t being heard by him. Added actress Elle Mulvaney.

She will eventually have the guts to tell her mother Tracy (Kate Ford) what happened following a fight with Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), who thinks Aaron cheated on her with Amy.

Tracy encourages Amy as she informs the police about Aaron. (Image from ITV)
Tracy and Steve (Simon Gregson) advise her to call the police now that they are both aware of the circumstance.

Amy is Steve and Tracy’s world, and they adore her. Elle disclosed.

They will both be devastated when they learn the truth, and their feelings will vary from one another since they have no control over the situation.

“What they’re trying to do is obtain justice for Amy and try to help her in the best manner, and whether Amy agrees or not whether this is the greatest way, the Barlows do as Barlows do and that’s occasionally go off the rails when she doesn’t want,” the author writes.

The latest teaser video reveals that Amy will ultimately heed their counsel and accuse Aaron of rape with the assistance of her mother.

Before Amy tells the police what happened to her, Tracy reassures a shaken Amy that she “can do this” as they approach the police station.

How will Aaron be punished?

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