Coronation Street spoilers: All over for Daisy and Daniel in wedding day tragedy

They won’t want to think back on that day forever (Pictures: ITV)

Daniel (Rob Mallard) and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) on Coronation Street are poor. While it wasn’t simple, the couple was able to plan their wedding.

Justin has become the utter horror Daisy and Daniel have been going through the last three weeks (Andrew Still).

Following their encounter at the hospital, stalker Justin became convinced that Daisy and he should be together. He has made several attempts to demonstrate this belief, including buying Daisy flowers, showing up at her door, and even breaking into her home and announcing that he has been considering details for their wedding and honeymoon.

After Justin’s incarceration, which was solely brought about by Daisy’s choice to act dishonestly, she and Daniel made the decision that no matter what challenges they encounter in the near future, they would most surely be married.

Regrettably, it doesn’t seem likely that will happen.

Next up, Daisy believes the wedding is cursed when she wakes up with a bloodshot eye, and she becomes even more sure when Ryan (Ryan Prescott) is forced to act as the chauffeur since the wedding vehicle has been stolen – and then the cake is delivered with a retirement message!

Daisy is able to get ready for the big day with the aid of Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) and Glenda (Jodie Prenger).

Alya (Sair Khan) greets Ryan outside as he packs his vehicle and wishes him luck on his new Ibiza endeavour.

They discover Justin inside, hiding in the shadows, as Ryan enters again to get Daisy.

Then Justin approaches Daisy and hurls acid at her while warning her that no one will want her after this.

Daisy is saddened by what has happened and finds it difficult to accept that Justin’s actions will affect everything as the terrible incident’s aftermath plays out.

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