Emmerdale spoilers.Paddy is left heartbroken by rejection from daughter Eve

Paddy is making an effort. (Image from ITV)

Just as Paddy (Dominic Brunt) is starting to recover, he is taken by surprise by a fresh development that might completely ruin his Emmerdale career.

Since he just recently made the choice to end his life, he is still vulnerable and in need of his loved ones more than before. His daughter is the only thing keeping him going, but is she in danger of leaving him? If so, is he about to make another downward turn?

Eve has gone through a lot as a result of her parents’ divorce as well as her father’s depressive episode and subsequent disappearance with a bolt pistol. Has anybody noticed? It’s too much change for the little child to handle, and it’s had a terrible impact on her.

Paddy (Lisa Riley) is adjusting to his new life away from the bar, and Mandy is doing her best to encourage him. She’s attempting to be a real friend, but it appears possible that she has other goals in mind when it comes to becoming close to him.

Paddy gets ready to go to see his daughter as Mandy is preoccupied with something else.

He is eager since it helps him get through each day, but he is about to experience grief when Eve informs him she doesn’t want to spend the day with him.

The harsh rejection leaves Paddy broken-hearted. How will Paddy react to this most recent setback?

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