Coronation Street spoilers. Ryan badly injured as Justin attacks him with acid

Ryan’s life will never be the same again. (Image from ITV)

On Monday’s (March 27) episode of Coronation Street, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) was brutally attacked with acid in gruesome scenes.

When she woke up on her wedding day, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) was tremendously worried. She had a red eye, her outfit didn’t fit correctly, the vehicle she had booked had been stolen, and then the cake came with a retirement note on it!

Daisy wanted the day to go flawlessly after all she had gone through with Justin (Andrew Still) so of course, her morning wasn’t helping her confidence levels.

Thankfully, owing to some support from Ryan, Glenda (Jodie Prenger) and Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), Daisy was ready for her big day, at last.

Sadly, Justin was hiding in the shadows when Ryan and Daisy entered the bar.

Ryan screamed in pain as the acid burnt his skin (Picture: ITV)

Ryan jumped in front of Justin as the liquid was thrown in Daisy’s direction, and moments later, screams and cries erupted as the acid began to burn through Ryan’s skin.

After being pushed to the ground by her stalker, Daisy needed to focus again right away. After calling the emergency services, she dragged Ryan into the shower as they both hoped against hope that the cool water would at least partially save the skin tissue.

Daisy needed to help Ryan (Image from ITV)

Abi (Sally Carman) entered the pub and discovered Daisy, shaken and traumatised by the incident, as the paramedics attended to a terrified and broken Ryan.

With Ryan on the way to hospital, a returning DS Swain (Vicky Myers) arrived to start questioning Daisy, which gave her the opportunity to powerfully tell the police officer that despite her constant complaints about Justin – no one has helped her.

While waiting for updates in A&E, Jenny, Daniel (Rob Mallard), Daisy, and Alya (Sair Khan) saw Ryan in his bed with a sizable portion of his face and shoulder bandaged.

During Alya’s visit, Ryan was in a terrible amount of discomfort. Alya couldn’t assist him, and Ryan pointed out that he’s already been given the maximum quantity of medicines from physicians and anymore would mean he’d have to be knocked unconscious.

Daisy came in after Alya had seen Ryan.

She informed Ryan that he shouldn’t be in the bed and that the attack was intended for her.

Sadly, Ryan was aware that the “what ifs” and alternative scenarios were ineffective. He was the one who was attacked with acid, not Daisy.

He was very terrified as he sat in bed. In the span of a few few seconds, his whole life had altered, and he was at a loss as to what to do.

‘By this point, he’s starting to see that his life is never going to be the same again’, Ryan Prescott told us recently.

He is making an effort to grasp onto anything in his life that will enable him to deny reality. He naturally reaches out in desperation as he watches things like his relationship with Alya and the opportunity to visit Ibiza vanish. He may be aware that there are steps between acceptance and denial. He begins to realise the seriousness of what has transpired slowly.

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