Emmerdale spoilers.Caleb’s dark side explodes as he brutally attacks Leyla’s stalker

Once again, Caleb plays the hero. (Image from ITV)

In Emmerdale, we’ve been waiting on pins and needles to learn what Caleb’s (William Ash) actual story is since his sudden appearance as everyone’s hero created some suspicions. And now we can finally see the shadowy side that we have long suspected existed.

Unhappy with love With the divorce being finalised, her relationship with Jai (Chris Bisson) suffering, and her scheme to bring Callum down putting everyone in jeopardy, Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) is in desperate need of a flirtatious coffee date with Caleb (Will Ash).

Who would have thought that this pair would be so adorable? Their anxiety increases quickly as the village begins to awaken as a result of the rumour that the two spent the night together. Yet with Leyla being Leyla, her pleasure doesn’t last long. When she finds that Callum has been freed on bond, she is shocked.

She has good reason to be worried since shortly after the news emerges, someone is observed stalking her. Caleb and Leyla settle down for a night of round two, but the creepy stalker is watching them get jiggy.

The next day, Leyla notices someone staring at her out of a vehicle window. Caleb offers to approach the individual on her behalf. Despite the fact that Callum undoubtedly has an agenda and thus puts her in danger, Leyla summons all of her inner strength and resolve to declare that she will not allow him to scare her any longer.

Later, when Leyla enters the Village Hall, her stalker reappears, and a furious Caleb loses it; he loses control and resorts to violence against the stalker, putting things into his own hands. Has Caleb lost it at this point?

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