Emmerdale spoilers.‘She means nowt to me’ Samson’s cruel outburst after baby Esther is rushed to hospital

Esther visited the hospital (Picture: ITV)

Upon the birth of his daughter Esther, Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) in Emmerdale has really devolved into a repugnant human being. He has been open about the fact that he has zero genuine interest in his child ever since he found out he was going to be a father.

Amelia (Daisy Campbell) is happy that Noah (Jack Downham) has lately been more active in Esther’s life, but she hasn’t realised that this corresponded with Noah acquiring some money, which he intended to use to establish a trust fund for Esther.

This link has been drawn by Noah mostly as a result of Samson’s explicit requests for significant monetary payments in return for his protection from Esther and Amelia. Noah believed that one payment would be plenty, Samson would be content with his new sneakers and other purchases, and life would resume as usual. Samson, though, has persisted in coming back for more cash.

In the meanwhile, Amelia is still appreciative that Samson would sometimes spend time with his daughter, and in the episode that aired on Monday, March 27, she requested him to watch after Esther while she had additional tuition at the institution where she is seriously falling behind in her academics.

Esther had almost ever been seen in any posture other than horizontal since she is constantly in her stroller, but Sarah (Katie Hill), who was passing by, noted the baby had a high fever and that Samson’s notion of childcare was to leave Esther in her pram while he looked at his phone.

Eventually, Samson located a thermometer, but they were unsure of how to use it or interpret the readings, so he dialled for an ambulance. Esther suffered a febrile convulsion but would recover; however, the doctor indicated Samson had done the right thing by bringing her to the hospital.

Everyone praised Samson for “saving Esther’s life,” with the exception of Noah, who scowled at his competitor the whole time while being happy for Esther’s recovery since he actually cares about her and Amelia.

Later, Samson pretended to call Dale Head to see how Esther was doing, but when Noah answered, he disclosed the real reason he had come.

He reaffirmed to Noah that he had never cared for Esther. She means nothing to me, he said.

What must I do to stop you from smelling around? ‘, a furious Noah questioned.

And as always, money was the solution for Samson. “Why don’t you try putting your hand back in your pocket?” ‘Naomi would have to cough up big time,’ he claimed, adding that, to keep him at bay.

When will Samson’s true motivations be exposed, given that even Charity (Emma Atkins) and Sarah think he has “found his inner dad”?

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