Emmerdale spoilers.Wedding joy for Gabby – but Nicky betrays her?

Why not now, huh? (Image from ITV)

The romance between Nicky (Lewis Cope) and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) in Emmerdale is accelerating quickly, going from sex to marriage in the space of a few seconds.

You’ve got to give it to Nicky; he’s done well for himself by landing a comfortable position and becoming Kim Tate’s protégé, who undoubtedly has a modest life insurance policy.

Their secret connection has come to light, and Kim (Clare King) is enraged beyond belief. Like any good parents, Bernice (Samantha Giles) and Laurel (Charlotte Belamy) confront him about his motives, but he and Gabby remain unwavering about their sentiments. But, their euphoria is short-lived as Kim does the one thing they were scared of: she serves Nicky with termination papers for violating the agreement.

Nicky responds by popping the question right then and then, stating he’s been waiting for the proper occasion, in an effort to show how serious he is about Gabby. A bewildered Gabby agrees without hesitation, but is she really being so naive as usual?

Kim is furious when Gabby uses her checkmate tactic; she threatens to cut Thomas out of her life until she approves of their marriage.

But is Kim correct to be sceptical of this connection given how quickly it went from being bedfellows to being engaged?

Nicky is receiving a lot better deal than Gabby in this arrangement, and something obviously sounds fishy. What does Nicky really want?

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