Coronation Street spoilers. Brian confirms exit from Street to Rita

There’s a journey ahead! (Images from ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Peter Gunn’s character Brian Packham learns some unexpected news.

After Cathy’s (Melanie Hill) departure, the character has lately been experiencing a little of loneliness. He kept himself busy by participating in the Christmas amdram play. He even developed a close connection with Mary (Patti Clare), but that relationship hit a snag when Mary learned that Brian was the one who had written the Weatherfield Gazette review of their Roxanna show.

Thankfully, Brian and Mary patch things up the next week, but Mary becomes discouraged when Brian learns that he has an Italian cousin named Isabella through email from the family tree website.

Brian informs Rita (Barbara Knox) throughout the week that he is about to go to Napoli to stay with his cousin and asks if she would mind taking care of the Kabin for him.

Rita declines, so Brian approaches Mary instead, stating his desire to visit Naples and his need for assistance.

Uncomfortably, Mary guesses that he wants her to go with him and replies that she would be thrilled.

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