EastEnders spoilers. TV legend Colin Salmon leads new family as Queen Vic owners are confirmed

EastEnders enters a new era as Linda’s enigmatic Knights in shining armour are finally made public (Picture: BBC)

With a brand-new family moving to Albert Square, EastEnders has finally discovered who Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) had been discreetly phoning in order to obtain a new co-owner of the Queen Vic.

The Knights, please!

As fans are aware, the landlady has been having trouble figuring out what would happen to her beloved pub since her soulmate Mick (Danny Dyer) disappeared at sea during the holidays.

Her closest friend and the previous landlord of the show’s iconic bar, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), vowed to save her and sold shares of her gym to generate money to purchase the Vic.

Balvinder Sopal and Navin Chowdhury’s Suki and Nish Panesar both shown interest; the latter had a covert plot to kick Linda out of her own bar if he got his hands on it.

Nevertheless, Linda had a different buyer in mind. She made a call to an unknown individual in the hopes that they would be her knight in shining armour.

In the shape of her mother Elaine Peacock and her boyfriend George Knight, who will both uproot and relocate to Walford with George’s kids Gina and Anna in tow, she has, in fact, found her knight in shining armour.

Later this year, the Knight family will make their debut in Walford, as seen above with Elaine Peacock (Picture: BBC)

The BBC One soap opera will welcome Colin Salmon, who is best known for his work on Doctor Who and Arrow, as George Knight, a tough-talking, passionately protective father who adores his two kids.

The actor of Bad Girls remarked, “I’m happy to be joining the cast of EastEnders to take on the role of George Knight.” As an East End native myself, I’m eager to learn more about George, a real gentleman of the neighbourhood.

“I have a strong connection to and affection for the show, and I am looking forward to contributing to its illustrious heritage.”

Meanwhile, the part of Elaine has been recast, with Harriet Thorpe of Absolutely Fabulous replacing Maria Friedman, who portrayed the stern landlady from 2014 to 2016.

According to Harriet, who assumes the part of Elaine, “I’m happy to be portraying Elaine who is an ultimate matriarch with a massive and colourful personality with a heart of gold who takes no prisoners and fights with everything she’s got, but has a vulnerable side that she only reveals a select few.”

“The Vic needs strong women running it, and I want to pay tribute to the amazing, legendary queens that have defined EastEnders from the show’s inception.” Working with the whole organisation is a dream come true; everyone is supportive, funny, and creative, and everyone makes you feel welcome right away.

“This seems like going home to me,” you could say. “The East End is where my family began off.”

The youngest member of the family, Anna, will be portrayed by Molly Rainford, star of Nova Jones. Rainford recently participated on Strictly Come Dancing, reaching the series’ final after captivating viewers with her Quickstep, Charleston, and Argentine Tango dances.

I’m SO thrilled to be joining the EastEnders cast,’ Molly said. It’s an honour to bring Anna Knight, a character who is sure to stir up drama upon her arrival, to life since my family and I adore this legendary programme so much.

I’ve already run across a few people I recognised from Strictly, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone and become a member of the EastEnders family.

Francesca Henry, who starred in A Discovery of Witches, will portray Gina, the oldest daughter. The actress remarked, “I wish I could go back and tell a younger me that one day I would be a part of the programme that I watched obsessively every night with my Grandmother.” Being trusted to bring Gina to the Square and to be a part of this wonderful, close-knit new family is really weird and a great honour, she says.

Of course, the start of a new EastEnders era wouldn’t be complete without a comment from boss Chris Clenshaw, who has overseen the show’s management for a number of months now, restoring its former glory – with appreciable improvements to the quality of the storylines and the serial drama’s community-like elements.

Chris said, “A new dawn has come to Albert Square with the entrance of the Knights.” ‘ The lovely outlaw and traditional gentleman George Knight adores his two children, Gina and Anna. As George joins his beloved Elaine, a formidable landlady who knows exactly how to have fun, he will move in to The Queen Vic.

The pair will also be joined by Gina, who is feisty, driven, and demanding. Gina is as calm and sharp as cut diamonds, but she also has a fiery temper. Gina’s younger sister Anna is fun, lovable, and big-hearted, but don’t underestimate her.

“George, Gina, and Anna have been linked for years, and the Knights are hoping for a new start by moving to Walford.”

We’re excited to welcome these really talented bunch of performers, Colin Salmon, Harriet Thorpe, Francesca Henry, and Molly Rainford. We can’t wait for everyone to meet them.

Early in the summer, The Knights will make their film debut.

You may not agree with us, but we are quite thrilled about this. The Vic is about to enter a new age that will bring in fresh talent while yet letting Linda stay at the centre of the programme, where she belongs.

An effective combo.

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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