EastEnders star Aaron.Thiara reveals all as Ravi confesses his sad past

Ravi tells Chelsea the truth (Image: BBC)

In EastEnders, Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) excels in stirring up problems.

When Ravi initially appeared last year, his main plot entailed killing Ranveer while making Suki (Balvinder Sopal) think she was the one who really did it.

When Nish (Navin Chowdhry) returned to Walford after a protracted stay in jail, it was revealed that he was really Ravi’s father, making him a Panesar. Initially, we were made to think that Ranveer was Ravi’s father.

In recent weeks, Ravi focused on Denise (Diane Parish), who felt that Jack (Scott Maslen), who had been very preoccupied with his career and with the difficult lives of his adolescent children, was neglecting her.

This caused Denise to fall for Ravi’s charm, which almost resulted in a passionate and protracted relationship. But, while they were in a hotel room and Denise and Jack were having another disagreement, she immediately realised that sleeping with Ravi wasn’t what she wanted and decided to go home.

When someone crosses Ravi, they quickly learn about it, and in an effort to get vengeance on Denise, Ravi has focused on Chelsea, her daughter (Zaraah Abrahams).

Aaron Thiara argues that Chelsea is capable of challenging Ravi because she wants to learn more about him, even if he has said that his character is “still driven by his motivation and his objectives.”

As Chelsea maintains that she wants to know the real Ravi, a significant turning point occurs. The fact that she is interested in learning more about Ravi than just the surface level Ravi genuinely surprises him. He remarked, “He’s never had it from a lady before.”

As a result, Ravi feels more at ease opening up a little bit more and discussing his kid, his previous mistakes, and how important Nugget is to him. As Chelsea has had similar experiences, they begin to get along and interact. His intentions start to fall apart at this point, and we see him torn between love, connection, motivation, and plan.

In following episodes, Ravi learns that Jordan, Chelsea’s little kid, was brought to a home party by Nugget (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury).

Nugget finds himself the target of his father’s ire (Picture: BBC)

Aaron revealed Ravi’s immediate response by saying, “He can’t believe his kid has acted in this manner.”

He also finds it hard to understand that Ravi’s assurance that Nugget was a fine child who could take care of Jordan destroyed all the relationships he had just managed to forge with Chelsea. He loses control of all the factors at that very time, and as a result of his disagreement with his son, he also loses control of himself.

The emphasis of the many interpersonal dynamics shifts to Ravi and Nish at which time, in Aaron’s opinion, his character “is done with his dad.”

He said, “I find it amusing that he doesn’t call him dad, and that he calls him Nish.”

He wants to show Nish that he is a far better guy than he believes himself to be. He is attempting to show that he doesn’t need his affection or approval or anything else from him. Ravi is still deeply hurt and resentful of his father in that.

Ravi’s week takes a turn for the worst when he gets arrested by Callum (Tony Clay), adding to the tension he already felt due to Nugget, Chelsea, Nish, and Denise. At this point, Ravi begins to realise how drastically his life would alter if he is sent back to jail.

Aaron said, “He feels like his entire life is turned upside down.”

He worries that he may lose his kid, and if he does, he would feel as if he has lost everything. Ravi constantly looks for a way out of whatever position he finds himself in, but he is now unable to do so.

He believes he will go to jail since he is unable to envision a way out until someone assists him.

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