Emmerdale spoilers: Samson exposed as Charity discovers his vile blackmail plot

The truth is finally revealed (Pictures: ITV)

Samson Dingle (Sam Hall), who appeared at the beginning of the Emmerdale episode airing on Tuesday, March 28, was quite the hero of the hour. Everyone agreed that the father’s quick response in calling an ambulance while his daughter Esther was ill may have saved Esther’s life.

Almost everyone is aware that Samson is just doing everything for Esther’s benefit financially since he has been extorting money from Noah (Jack Downham) for weeks. Also, if Noah had been watching over Esther, he would have called the ambulance even quicker, the pouting Noah said to his mother.

But as soon as Samson finished the complimentary pint that Charity (Emma Atkins) had given him, he began to demand money from Noah once again. This time, he demanded the whole of the trust fund as a last payment and vowed to avoid Amelia (Daisy Campbell) and Esther forever.

Naturally, Noah was hesitant to consent to this, especially because Esther would be receiving the trust fund money. If he declined, Samson threatened to ensure that Noah was removed from Esther’s future plans. He said that because Amelia trusted him, he could constantly warn her about Noah’s lewd background. Yet, if Noah paid up, “You and Amelia can settle down and I’ll never have to touch a stinky diaper again,” she said.

Noah thus nodded in agreement, and Samson lost no time in informing Amelia that he would “leave the childminding game” and that she shouldn’t call him for help with his daughter ever again.

Amelia was left with a serious issue as a result. What was she going to do if she could no longer depend on Samson’s assistance with child care while she was at college? She asked Noah if he would use any of the money from the trust fund to pay for child care, and she was surprised when he declined since he knew there was no money left. Noah was advised not to bother returning home as she stormed off.

Charity would not let up until Noah gave her the whole story because she was certain that there must be more going on. Noah asked Charity to leave the issue alone after she stated he’d have to inform Amelia and was prepared to leave to retaliate against Samson. He was concerned that Samson, who is “smarter,” would be able to manipulate the whole thing.

Samson was having issues with his father Sam (James Hooton) back at the Dingles because of his prior criticism of Amelia. As Sam said, “I’m still your dad, and you’re still a Dingle, and the rest of the family is appalled at how you’re acting,” Samson highlighted how awful he’s become.

Samson said, “I don’t care. To me, “Dingle” is simply a name. That doesn’t imply that I must adhere to the “dumb code”!

Sam, you’re simply too thick to notice, he said, adding that things had changed. I used to detest coming to school because I had to accept that my dad is the town fool.

Sam, who was stunned, was unable to stop Samson from storming off when he repeated that he wanted “nothing to do with Amelia or her child.”

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