Is Ryan Connor leaving Coronation Street?

Tonight’s episode included a terrible assault that Ryan and Daisy went through (Picture: ITV)

Even by Coronation Street’s standards, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has a difficult life. Residents of Weatherfield aren’t exactly renowned for being lucky, what with tram wrecks, a remarkable number of serial murderers for such a tiny radius, tragic dog deaths, and more.

Ryan was the victim of a frightening acid assault in the episode that aired on Monday (March 27). Yet… it wasn’t even intended for him.

What will happen to the poor kid now? Is this the gloomy conclusion to a gloomy period on the streets?

What you should know is as follows.

What happened in Monday’s show with Ryan?
For Ryan, things have gotten worse and worse over the last few months.

Ryan’s life struck rock bottom last year when it was discovered that he had participated in a robbery at the Bistro in order to file a claim on Debbie’s (Sue Devaney) insurance, which would have provided him with the money to finally leave Weatherfield and begin the life he had always desired.

As if his reputation (and career) being destroyed wasn’t enough, Ryan recently revealed in Leanne (Jane Danson) that his life is meaningless. This happened when two shooters entered the Bistro.

And in the episode that aired on Monday night, we saw Ryan be attacked with the acid that Justin (Andrew Still) had meant for Daisy (Charlotte Jordan).

The startling moments occur after Daisy has Justin detained for stalking.

The writing may have been on the wall from the beginning. Daisy went to the hospital for an appointment, and that’s when we first saw a disturbed Justin. He struck up a conversation with her as he was standing in line and said that his mother was in critical condition.

Justin’s behaviour has steadily become darker and darker over the last four months.

Actress Charlotte commented on the disturbing images, “To do something like that, I don’t see how you could even fathom it.”

“I don’t even know how you could truly start to think about anything like that. It’s so terrible and horrible to attempt to take away someone’s identity.”

Ryan did not escape the horrible deed, but Charlotte did.

Daisy’s best day turned out to be a nightmare (Picture: ITV)

Does Ryan Connor intend to leave Coronation Street?
Ryan had dreamed of leaving the cobblestones for the clubs and enjoying the DJ life, but now he is dealing with life-altering injuries.

Is this the unfortunate conclusion to his generally wretched life?

It turns out that no! We can confirm that Ryan won’t be permanently departing the cobbles and that his healing from the awful acid assault will be shown in upcoming scenes.

Ryan Prescott said that the incident would have a lasting impact on his character and that it will alter his life forever. It will alter his interactions with the outside world and his recuperation.

“Showing some type of realism that goes with the longevity of what it means to be an acid attack survivor” is challenging within the constraints of a soap opera. The healing process takes so long—if not forever.

Ryan will continue to appear on the programme, taking viewers along for the ride as he heals from his assault (Picture: ITV)

Ryan will require a skin transplant and will have lasting scars.

‘We went into a workshop to have a mould created so we could produce a cast of my face and then build bits which would be piled on and create the scars,’ the actor, who would be wearing prosthetics, said.

We had to concentrate on the phases and know when they would come in, there are also skin grafts, there are so many things to consider. There are various stages of the scars and the wounds as well.

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