Coronation Street confirms.why Michelle isn’t returning following son Ryan’s acid attack

Michelle won’t be back for this narrative. (Image from ITV)

Fans of Coronation Street have been wondering whether Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) would resurface after a terrifying incident in which Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) was assaulted with acid.

For those who don’t know, Ryan’s mother is Michelle Connor. At least, that is what they thought until a shocking 2007 plot showed he had been mistakenly switched at birth.

Despite this, Michelle kept up with Ryan’s upbringing while also ultimately reestablishing a relationship with Ali, her biological son (James Burrows).

After a challenging year in which she learned that her fiance Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmil) had been having an affair with pregnant Vicky Jefferies (Kerri Quinn), she joined forces with Vicky to frame Robert for murder. In 2019, Michelle moved back to Ireland to be with her family, leaving her boys and the cobblestones of Weatherfield behind.

Fans are now wondering where Michelle is and whether she’ll return to assist her son Ryan after Ryan was severely acid-attacked by Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordan) stalker Justin (Andrew Still) and is now in the hospital.

Sadly, Coronation Street said tonight that it won’t be taking place.

She questioned whether Michelle had been made aware of the event that had her son hospitalised as Yasmeen (Shelley King) paid a visit to the hospital to support granddaughter Alya (Sair Khan).

Alya acknowledged that she had, but she was unable to come over since she was undergoing surgery herself.

Because she is physically unable of travelling, Michelle’s absence makes logical given that viewers of the programme would know that she is extremely protective of her family and would have raced to Ryan’s side right once.

Because that actress Kym Marsh is now highly busy, it is doubtful that Michell will appear in any of the remaining scenes of this plot.

The actress, who started portraying Michelle in 2006, presently co-hosts BBC Morning Live with Gethin Jones every Monday morning while shooting the next season of the high school drama Waterloo Road.

The story doesn’t stop there, as it was just revealed that she would co-star with her oldest daughter Emilie in a UK tour of the stage musical Greatest Days.

A group of friends are followed through various stages of their life in the musical Greatest Days, which is set to Take That songs.

Kym hasn’t formally ruled out going back to the Cobbles, so it may happen sometime.

She told the Daily Star, “I’ve got a great soft place for Corrie, and one day I have no doubt I’ll plant my feet on the cobbles again.”

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