Coronation Street spoilers. Tragic diagnosis, Tracy fights for justice and a dangerous new love for Sarah

While Tracy fights a battle, Paul receives awful news (Picture: ITV)

Next week on Coronation Street, there will be fierce clashes as Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) goes to war to seek justice for her daughter Amy and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) fights for his life (Elle Mulvaney).

Paul has been concerned about his symptoms and his hand’s immobility for weeks after his injury.

He then receives the potentially life-altering news that he may have motor neurone disease as he schedules a consultation with a neurologist.

Tracy (James Craven) is also on the attack because she reasonably wants Aaron to answer for what he did to Amy.

The girl is appalled when her hasty efforts only help to reveal what occurred to Amy, and she subsequently drops the grievance.

Aaron still doesn’t get the gravity of his terrible behaviour, and he seems almost happy that he “got away with it.”

Elaine (Paula Wilcox) is putting herself in danger by being forceful with serial murderer Stephen Reid in another area of the cobblestones (Todd Boyce).

And things are about to become much more uncomfortable for Craig Tinker and Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) (Colson Smith).

Faye and Jackson are becoming closer because of Miley, so Craig may have cause for concern.

This is a preview of next week.

Tuesday, April 2

Tracy sticks to the police station counter with adhesive (Picture: ITV)

Amy is concerned that Tracy has spread Aaron-related fliers all over the place, but Tracy reassures her that no one will recognise her.

Abi realises the truth and confronts Aaron when Mary discovers a flier on the florist printer. Amy is saddened to learn that others are aware of her tragedy when Peter contacts No. 1 and informs Steve and Tracy about the flyer printed on the flower store printer.

Tracy makes a call to the police station and fixes herself to the counter, telling the desk sergeant that she won’t go until Amy’s accusation of rape is taken seriously. With her free hand, Tracy makes a call to Daniel.

Tracy is preparing to do an interview with Suki, a reporter for the Gazette, when Steve and Amy arrive at the police station. Amy begs her mother not to go.

Faye wants Craig to come over to meet Miley because she would be dropping by later, but how will Faye feel if Craig also invites Beth?

Elaine reminds Stephen that the solicitor requires evidence of finances before they may purchase a property together.

Stephen pretends to be furious and phones Rufus in an effort to try to renegotiate when Michael admits that he promised the girls an even greater bonus off the back of the new arrangement. What will Stephen do if Rufus rejects?

Adam unintentionally shares with Paul at the lawyer’s office how Dee-Dee had pledged to pay for all of his expenses.

Paul gathers his belongings and informs Dee-Dee that he is relocating so she may find a suitable roommate who would cover their expenses as he is not a charity case.

Mary and Brian patch things up, but when Brian gets an email from the family tree website telling him about his Italian cousin Isabella, she becomes depressed.

Thursday, April 5

Paul receives a startling prognosis. (Image from ITV)

Paul finds a few hours of work as a kitchen porter at the Bistro after putting his belongings into the apartment above the flower store.

Yet when he arrives for his visit with the doctor, the news that he could have onset motor neurone disease shocks him. Will he be honest with them as he leaves for a supper with the family?

Paul sits in silence sobbing in the flower shop apartment, gazing at his withered hand as the reality of what is ahead strikes him hard.

Aaron is informed by Abi that Amy’s tale has reportedly altered. Aaron corrects Aadi after he verbally criticises him on the street for raping Amy by telling him that she has revised her tale.

Calling Amy to talk to her over the phone reveals that Summer and Aadi are not persuaded by Amy’s about-face.

Dee-Dee spots the chemistry between Damon and Sarah (Picture: ITV)

When Amy’s phone rings later with a photo of Aadi and Aaron looking apparently happy at a local concert, Summer notices Amy’s unease but doesn’t press the issue.

Craig informs Faye that he wants to bring her a gift since Miley will be paying a visit. Craig purchases a baseball bat and glove despite Faye telling him she prefers basketball because he misheard her.

When they play catch, Craig realises Miley isn’t having fun, and Faye feels bad for him. Craig punishes himself for his error. Craig admits to Faye that he envies Jackson as she bids farewell to Miley and Jackson at the team stop.

Dee-Dee notices the chemistry between Damon and Sarah at the lawyer’s office. Sarah is seen eating by herself in the Rovers when Damon tells her that his only goal is to get her into bed. What will she do?

Brian informs Rita that he wants to visit his cousin Isabella in Naples and asks whether she would mind the Kabin while he is away.

Brian decides to ask Mary after Rita declines. Brian informs Mary of his intentions to see Isabella in Naples and his need for her assistance.

Mary guesses he wants her to go with him and responds that she would be thrilled.

In an email, Isabella informs Brian that she will visit him in Weatherfield while her apartment in Naples is being renovated. Mary and Brian feel let down.

Friday April 7

Paul asks Damon to help him find a means to generate money (Picture: ITV)

Paul is eager to make some money to pay back Billy and assist Gemma with the wedding while continuing to keep his likely diagnosis a secret from Billy and his family.

Nick expresses to Paul at the cafe his displeasure at seeing Adam eating lunch with Damon and informs him that he is Harvey’s brother and is really bad news.

Paul approaches Damon on the street and says he needs to make some money since he doesn’t have much time left to live.

As part of an insurance fraud, Kyle is seeking for a driver, and Damon gives him his contact information. Will Paul violate the law to make money?

When Leanne says that Sam can’t join her Easter egg hunt since it’s unsafe for him to be near Nick while Damon and his goons are still at large, Sarah is devastated.

Sarah rips a piece off Damon and tells him that Sam is afraid to visit their home because of him and his goons, and it’s time for him to make things right. What will he do?

After Carla leaves the clinic, she accepts Paul’s apology and accepts the compensation claim.

Calling Stephen, Michael makes his case for a share of the earnings. Yet, it is obvious that Stephen is not paying attention since Carla has arrived.

Glenda recognises Estelle and says that they used to work together on the cruise ships as George and Todd lead Estelle, a rather difficult client, out of the morticians.

Glenda’s attention is sparked when Estelle discloses that she is now a co-owner of a performing arts club for children and that anybody may purchase the franchise and create their own branch.

Amy calls Speed Daal for the takeout when Tracy recommends a movie night and curry on the couch, but when she sees Aaron at the counter, she turns around and leaves the establishment.

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