Emmerdale spoilers.Leyla’s stalker caught, a surprise proposal and Rhona’s shock blast from the past

Dales suggestion shocks everyone (Image from ITV)

Next week, there will be plenty of passion in Emmerdale village as Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) and Caleb Milligan (William Ash) give in to their desires while Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) goes on a date.

Things heat up between flirty Leyla and Caleb after some time of fluttering sparks, but as rumours circulate, it becomes evident that Leyla has regrets.

Nevertheless, when a stalker who wants to intimidate her is glumly keeping tabs on her, she starts to worry more seriously.

Step forward Caleb, who pours his rage on the guy and ensures that he is permanently removed from Leyla’s life.

At Home Farm, there has also been a romantic blossoming, although not because of Kim Tate (Claire King).

She immediately fires the nanny in response to learning that Nicky (Lewis Cope) and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) are seeing one other.

She is shocked, however, when Nicky acts and asks Gabby to marry him. Gabby then warns Kim.

But is Gabby destined for heartbreak—and what does Nicky really desire?

In the meanwhile, Rhona (Zoe Henry) has a flashback when her long-lost ex shows up with a bombshell.

Rhona finds out that he has access to the embryos they stored when they were dating and wants to utilise them with his new partner as they are unable to become pregnant.

For the most part, Rhona is unsure about what to do, but she quickly discovers that she is being emotionally coerced into making a choice.

This is a preview of next week.

Tuesday, April 2

Nicky gets Gabby engaged (Picture: ITV)

Kim is infuriated when Nicky and Gabby admit they are dating. Kim shows up with termination papers and dismisses Nicky right away for violating his contract while Bernice and Laurel interrogate them.

Nicky immediately asks Gabby to marry him in an effort to demonstrate his devotion to them all. He claims to have been waiting for the proper moment, and Gabby agrees.

in love Gabby observes Nicky and Thomas having fun. The relationship between Kim and Gabby is still chilly as she observes the household situation.

Monday, March 31

Kim is left at Gabby fuming (Picture: ITV)

When Gabby threatens to cut Thomas out of Kim’s life if she doesn’t consent to her marriage to Nicky, Kim is left fuming.

After Leyla invites Caleb in for coffee, they start to flirt.

Thursday, April 5

Leyla and Caleb were discovered together overnight (Picture: ITV)

Leyla and Caleb spend the night together, and word rapidly gets throughout the hamlet.

Leyla learns unexpected news: Callum has been granted bail and has been freed. Later, someone is keeping an eye on Leyla from a distance.

Later, as things between Caleb and Leyla intensify, a hooded person is keeping watch over them.

Mary instinctively comes in for a kiss as Faye and Mary open up to one another and grow more at ease.

The unexpected appearance of Rhona’s ex-husband causes them to be interrupted as Marlon races to make their lunch appointment.

The next day, Rhona and Gus want to catch up properly, but it quickly becomes clear that Gus ran into Rhona for a particular purpose.

Wednesday, April 5

Trapping Leyla’s stalker, Caleb (Picture: ITV)
Leyla is being watched from a vehicle window. Caleb offers to check on her, but Leyla finds her courage and refuses to let Callum keep her afraid.

Eventually, Caleb captures Leyla’s stalker as she enters the town hall.

in love Gabby observes Nicky and Thomas having fun. The relationship between Kim and Gabby is still chilly as she observes the household situation.

Gus relieves an uneasy Rhona of some of his responsibilities, and when he confesses that he wishes to utilise one of their frozen embryos—which she had believed had been destroyed—Rhona is left speechless and perplexed.

Concerns about their impending date with each other are shared by Mary and Faye.

Faye believes Mary betrayed her (Picture: ITV)

Caleb is now driven to mend fences with Kim.

Rhona is appalled to realise what Gus has been doing to behind her back and is in disbelief at his desire to utilise the frozen embryos.

finding out that he has been speaking with the clinic on her behalf. Rhona feels as if she is faced with an impossible decision.

When Mary really dozed off, Faye thought she had stood her up. As soon as the date gets going, an infatuated Mary musters all of her bravery and asks Faye to come up to the bedroom.

Later, when Faye says she hasn’t ever felt this way for someone, Mary is affected.

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