Emmerdale spoilers: Billy’s exit confirmed as he hands self to police and is jailed?Emmerdale spoilers: Billy’s exit confirmed as he hands self to police and is jailed?

Billy (Jay Kontzle) of Emmerdale is hiding a horrifying secret: he was responsible for Alex’s (Liam Boyle) hit-and-run, which left him for dead. Billy’s guilt will eventually catch up with him, and because Charles (Kevin Mathurin) is now the one bearing the blame, it won’t be long until he is locked up. After spending a … Read more

Hollyoaks spoilers.Matthew James Bailey confirms ‘lovely’ new bromance scenes for Ethan Williams and Darren Osborne

Soon, viewers will be able to see Ethan Williams (Mathew James Bailey) and Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) spend time together on screen again, continuing the Hollyoaks bromance that we just cannot get enough of. The two characters, who initially met when Darren was abducted by Ethan and his evil girlfriend Maya (Ky Discala), have … Read more

Emmerdale spoiler videos reveal Naomi taken down a peg, Rhona crushed and Leyla’s stalker exposed

Another thrilling episode of Emmerdale is planned, and the repercussions of previous events are expected to rock the hamlet that bears its name. Despite being wholly innocent of the crime, Charles Anderson is being questioned by the police about why drug dealer Alex was left to die in a hit-and-run. But, Naomi Walters, the daughter … Read more