Emmerdale spoiler videos reveal Naomi taken down a peg, Rhona crushed and Leyla’s stalker exposed

With murder charges approaching and a stalker horror reaching a boiling point, Emmerdale had another another tumultuous week (Picture: ITV)

Another thrilling episode of Emmerdale is planned, and the repercussions of previous events are expected to rock the hamlet that bears its name.

Despite being wholly innocent of the crime, Charles Anderson is being questioned by the police about why drug dealer Alex was left to die in a hit-and-run.

But, Naomi Walters, the daughter of the vicar, thinks Alex is somehow not guilty of all the things that have been spoken against him. She also questions if her dad’s negligence led to her boyfriend’s hospitalisation.

Leyla Cavanagh is being followed by an unidentified inhabitant, while Rhona Goskirk had a flashback when she enters The Woolpack and recognises a familiar face.

Caleb Milligan is there to help, but who really is the stalker?

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Naomi rejects Alex’s guilt despite the growing body of evidence, not to mention Charles’ testimony. To make matters worse, she believes her father accidentally knocked Alex down in a fit of wrath.

Honestly, Naomi? Really?

Manpreet attempts to talk sense into the chef, but when that doesn’t work, Ethan intervenes and gives Naomi a much-needed talking to about her charges, which causes Naomi to walk off.

Will Naomi ever see that Alex is not who she once believed him to be? Will Charles be able to demonstrate his innocence, in addition?

A Woolpack patron named Gus compliments Marlon on his cooking prowess. Marlon is overjoyed, but when Rhona enters the bar and sees Gus, the atmosphere quickly shifts.

Who is he, though? Of course, just her ex-husband!

There’s a lot more to this plot, so be ready for lots of tension. Rhona recoils, calling him “perhaps the biggest mistake” of her life.

Unable to escape the sense that she is being watched, Leyla makes her way to the town hall. She has no idea that a mysterious villager is hurrying up to her, stalking her.

In tense circumstances, Caleb comes up behind them after noticing the intruder and pushes them away from Leyla. But who is it?

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and ITVX on weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

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