Emmerdale spoilers: Billy’s exit confirmed as he hands self to police and is jailed?Emmerdale spoilers: Billy’s exit confirmed as he hands self to police and is jailed?

Is this Billy’s farewell? (Image from ITV)

Billy (Jay Kontzle) of Emmerdale is hiding a horrifying secret: he was responsible for Alex’s (Liam Boyle) hit-and-run, which left him for dead.

Billy’s guilt will eventually catch up with him, and because Charles (Kevin Mathurin) is now the one bearing the blame, it won’t be long until he is locked up.

After spending a gruelling night being interrogated by the police who believe he attempted to murder Alex, Charles is devastated to find Naomi (Karene Peter) believes he was the one who did it.

As more and more evidence mounts against Charles, his daughter is also joining the fray. But when Clare exposes Alex’s actual strategy to her in the hospital, Naomi is about to have her own nasty awakening.

When Will (Dean Andrews) discovers the wrecked car in the barn, Billy is compelled to come clean.

Will steps in and promises to shield him from this mess, but a guilty Dawn is frightened to learn that Billy is struggling to hold his tongue since he is a ticking time bomb. He intends to turn himself in.

She makes every effort to persuade him that telling the truth is not the solution and that if he does, he would lose his family. Yet the fact that Charles is getting the blame is eating him apart.

When the weight of the situation dawns on Charles, Naomi comes to the house to announce that she has finally discovered the truth. Charles cradles his daughter. But, they are only able to spend a little time together before the cops reappear and re-arrest him.

Charles is shocked to learn from DS Raveley that he could also face charges for murder in addition to the hit-and-run.

The vicar’s situation is fast deteriorating, and Billy is the only one who can stop it. Yet Charles almost guarantees his own demise when he drops his rag in the interview room.

When freed, a damaged Billy walks in, and Charles goes back to his church to pray for direction.

He finally can’t keep it a secret any longer and tells Charles everything. When Billy is ready to rescue Charles and end his own life with the truth, the police station is the next destination. Is this Billy bidding us farewell?

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