Soap & Spoilers Hollyoaks Hollyoaks spoilers.Matthew James Bailey confirms ‘lovely’ new bromance scenes for Ethan Williams and Darren Osborne

Hollyoaks spoilers.Matthew James Bailey confirms ‘lovely’ new bromance scenes for Ethan Williams and Darren Osborne

In the next weeks, watch for more of Ethan and Darren’s friendship! (Image from Lime Images)

Soon, viewers will be able to see Ethan Williams (Mathew James Bailey) and Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) spend time together on screen again, continuing the Hollyoaks bromance that we just cannot get enough of.

The two characters, who initially met when Darren was abducted by Ethan and his evil girlfriend Maya (Ky Discala), have since become the best of friends and often support one another.

After Nancy’s (Jessica Fox) departure after baby Morgan had heart surgery, Darren is undoubtedly in need of support, and Ethan is on hand to provide a sympathetic ear.

According to actor Matthew James Bailey, “I can confirm there are a few more moments coming up for Ethan and Darren!” It is great since they seem to be developing a sweet bromance.

“Those two have some great sequences coming up because I believe it’s about time they made a return to the big screen, you know?”

Without a doubt, we concur.

Ethan first crossed paths with Darren when he and Maya kidnapped him (Picture: Lime Pictures)

The issue is that Ethan wants to support his pals more, said Matthew. “I believe you’ll see it on screen pretty shortly.”

Rafe (Chris Gordon), a newcomer to the community, may provide Ethan with some competition for Sienna Blake’s (Anna Passey) love.

Sienna, you have our attention.

We sort of adore Darren and Ethan since they have become the best of friends. (Image from Lime Images)

We’re hopeful that Ethan won’t experience heartbreak once again since, as fans are aware, he’s over over heals for Sienna.

Matthew assured us that “Ethan is safe in his relationship with Sienna.”

He is aware of the strength of their bond and the fact that, despite whatever challenges they may face, they will always find a way to return to one another.

I believe that’s all I can truly say at this time: I believe Ethan will be on his guard! [laughs]. But I believe he should worry for a while.

Hollyoaks airs on E4 weeknights at 7 p.m., or All4 offers daily first looks at new episodes.

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