Coronation Street spoilers.Faye betrays Craig as she cheats with ex Jackson?

But how much is the dynamic changing? (Images from ITV)

In Coronation Street, Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) is now getting to know Miley, her daughter.

Jackson (Joseph Evans) and Miley just relocated to England after spending the most of Miley’s life in Canada.

Jackson texted Faye once he got back and asked if she wanted to meet up.

Faye was initially certain that seeing Miley again wasn’t a smart idea since it would just evoke emotions and leave them both perplexed.

It became clear that Faye was genuinely quite nervous about getting back in touch after Tim (Joe Duttine) spent time with Miley and Jackson, for fear that her daughter may not like her.

Luckily, everything is going well. Yet, how far will things progress?

Faye wants Craig (Colson Smith) to meet Miley this coming week, but there’s a danger that anything may go wrong if Beth (Lisa George) also comes over.

Craig informs Faye later in the week that he would want to get Miley a gift for her next visit.

Craig mishears Faye when she says she enjoys basketball and instead decides to get a baseball bat and glove.

Miley and Faye say their goodbyes after spending more time together, but Craig later admits to his fiancée that he has some jealousy issues with Jackson.

Will Craig’s feelings of resentment and isolation prevent him from paying Faye a visit, preventing her from becoming further attached to Jackson?

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