Emmerdale spoilers.Kim furious as Gabby issues a huge threat

They will eventually come to an understanding (Pictures: ITV)

When Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and Nicky (Lewis Cope) in Emmerdale finally gave in to their desire, they haven’t been able to keep their hands apart, which has resulted in a few close calls and an embarrassing incident when Caleb (William Ash) walked in on them at an uncomfortable time.

All of that, however, pales in comparison to the problems that arise once Kim Tate (Claire King) learns what has been happening between Gabby and the nanny hired to watch after Kim’s grandson Thomas.

Rosie Bentham informed us that Kim’s first move is to fire Nicky, which is just what Gabby and Nicky feared would occur when they started dating.

Kim literally tells him to leave the home because she is so furious. He gets ejected and his contract is terminated by her. Rosie disclosed. Kim charges him with being with Gabby for financial gain, and she charges Gabby with being desperate and pursuing the first man to enter the room. Their relationship receives almost no support from her.

Nicky immediately pops the question to Gabby in front of Bernice, Kim, and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), as a sign of his seriousness (Samantha Giles). Rosie recounted the ensuing chaos:

“Bernice is over the moon,” Kim said, “because she’s there talking about how he has to be booted out of Home Farm and she’s sitting there saying how fit she thinks Nicky is.” She is being led in several directions by the ladies who surround her, but she is certain that she wants a future with Nicky and will have one.

Kim vehemently opposes the notion of the two getting married, but Rosie informed us that over time Gabby has been becoming “very Kim-like,” so she acts like Kim would in this circumstance and considers what she can use as leverage to persuade Kim to alter her opinion.

She acknowledges that the prospect of Kim never seeing Thomas again would upset her the most, and she threatens to cut Kim out of her life if she doesn’t consent to her marrying Nicky.

Will Kim concur?

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