Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Passion confirmed for Leyla and Caleb as things heat up

Emmerdale spoilers: Passion confirmed for Leyla and Caleb as things heat up

Ever felt like someone is keeping an eye on you? (Image from ITV)

Recently, Callum (Tom Ashley), a heroin dealer, terrorised Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) in Emmerdale, and she had no idea where to turn.

When Leyla had Callum jailed, a plot to get retribution for stabbing Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) went horribly awry, but he soon returned to the hamlet to make it obvious that her life and the lives of her loved ones were now in grave danger.

At this moment, Leyla received some advice from the new kid on the block, Caleb Milligan (William Ash), who advised her to regain control of the circumstance.

The slick businessman stated, “When someone has messed with me, when they’ve crossed the line, that’s it.” I don’t even for a second let my eyes wander. Even if it could take months or even years, I always succeed.

This gave Leyla the motivation she needed to attempt to settle things with Callum, but it only got her into further problems when she, Jacob, and Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) found themselves in the thick of a shootout in a cottage in the woods.

Callum was eventually taken into custody, allowing Leyla time to gather her thoughts and us time to consider two things.

First, Caleb’s remarks on retaliation. Was he discussing his own long-term retribution strategy? In that case, is the intended victim Cain (Jeff Hordley), Kim Tate (Claire King), or someone else entirely?

Second, there was undeniably chemistry between Caleb and Leyla. The possibility of a relationship between Caleb and Leyla has been addressed by Roxy Shahidi, who said, “I believe there’s a spark for Leyla with any possible suitor ever, so I’m going to say yes.”

The spark will undoubtedly grow into a blaze in following episodes when Leyla asks Caleb for coffee, which sets off a flurry of rumours when it becomes apparent that the two had spent the night together.

Furthermore, it’s not just the local rumour mongers. As the couple reunites and desire returns, they are unaware that they are being observed.

Are they at risk?

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