Hollyoaks spoilers: Tony Hutchinson’s devastating new trauma revealed after Eric Foster is sentenced to 15 years in prison

Despite everything, Tony sobbed in Diane’s arms as he realised that this nightmare was far from ended (Picture: Lime Pictures)
On Hollyoaks, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) sobbed in the arms of his wife Diane (Alex Fletcher) as he realised that, despite Eric Foster’s (Angus Castle-Doughty) sentence, his nightmare was far from over.

As viewers are aware, the landlord of The Dog has been dealing with the activities of his extreme misogynist brother, who almost killed Diane during his siege earlier this year.

Tony had thought that Eric’s imprisonment would prove to be the solution to all of his problems, but this was regrettably not the case. He was struggling to get any sleep and his anxiety was becoming out of hand.

On the episode of the Channel 4 soap that aired on Tuesday (March 28), Beau Ramsey (Jon-Paul Bell) learned that Tony was the mysterious invader at his own tavern.

It found out that the landlord had been sleepwalking and was responsible for the burglary of his bar since he had no recollection of the event.

Despite his worries, he later confided in Diane. As the pair prepared for Eric’s sentence, Diane advised him to be upfront about how he is feeling.

Will Tony get the aid he requires? (Image from Lime Images)

All individuals that Eric had tortured and abused were relieved when he was sentenced to 15 years in jail after being captured during the siege at The Dog in January.

At first, Tony was overjoyed, hoping that this would be the beginning of his being able to move on, but as the episode came to a close, he was wide awake and sobbing in the kitchen as he confided in Diane. expressing his concern that he would resume sleepwalking and put her in danger.

Tony started crying in Diane’s arms, and she tried to console him.

Can Tony get the support he needs to finally move beyond Eric? Or is his trauma only getting started now?

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