Tracy glues herself to police desk as she fights for Amy in Coronation Street spoiler video

Amy (Elle Mulvaney), the daughter of Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), was raped in Coronation Street, and Tracy was determined to ensure that Amy received justice.

The two went to the police to formally report the crime, but were horrified to learn that there was insufficient proof to pursue the case.

A new spoiler video reveals that Tracy will take extraordinary measures in forthcoming scenes to ensure that Amy’s plight is taken seriously.

At the police station’s front desk, Tracy can be seen fighting with one of the policemen and adamantly stating that she is there to make a statement.

She declares that she will remain where she is before taking out a bottle of superglue when the officer threatens to put her in a jail if her behaviour doesn’t change.

Tracy adheres herself to the reception area (Picture: ITV)

To the officer’s chagrin, she then starts to glue her hand to the desk.

It is apparent from her tone that she really means it when she says that she won’t budge until Amy’s cause is given serious consideration.

After being sexually assaulted by Aaron Sandford (James Craven) earlier this month, Amy suffered in silence for many weeks.

Amy didn’t realise what Aaron had done to her until the following morning after she had fallen asleep intoxicated in bed.

Amy realised she had to tell Tracy about her secret after a fight with Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), who accused her of having an affair with her boyfriend.

Amy informed the police about Aaron. (Image from ITV)

Tracy was shocked to discover what had occurred and promptly told Steve McDonald, Amy’s father (Simon Gregson).

Although traumatised Amy wanted no one to know what had transpired, both parents were determined to see Aaron get his due.

Is Amy’s secret about to be uncovered now that Tracy is creating a disturbance at the train station?

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