Could Billy Fletcher be leaving Emmerdale?

Billy’s situation is not favourable (Picture: ITV)

Jay Kontzle’s character Billy Fletcher from Emmerdale struggles to keep his sinister secret to himself.

The audience is aware that Billy was driving when Alex (Liam Boyle) was struck and killed, and that he left the drug-dealing bad guy for dead. Yet, he is not the one being blamed at this time.

All of that is about to change, however, as it seems a guilty Billy is determined to turn himself in to the authorities.

Does this imply Billy could be departing the ITV serial permanently now that the possibility of jail is on the table?

Billy Fletcher could be leaving Emmerdale.
You’ll simply have to wait and see whether Billy makes a comeback.

For the time being, there are a few spoilers here that indicate the character has a difficult journey ahead of him.

Will (Dean Andrews) discovers the wrecked car from the accident in the barn on Monday’s episode (April 3), forcing Billy to admit what he did.

As this is happening, Will’s daughter Dawn (Olivia Bromley) is shocked when Billy says he can’t maintain his secret any longer and is prepared to give himself in to police.

Dawn says in the episode airing on Tuesday, April 4, that she doesn’t want him to confess to killing her cunning ex because she fears he’ll be sent back to jail.

Charles (Kevin Mathurin), however, is the one who must deal with the repercussions.

Alex is not Charles’ favourite person, and the two had a fight before the smash when Charles found out that Alex was taking prescription medicines from the doctor’s office and was only using his daughter Naomi as a cover (Karene Peter).

Charles then finds himself being questioned by DS Raveley at the police station.

However, he complicates matters for himself by losing his temper during the questioning after learning he may be charged with murder – while Alex’s status is still unknown.

Charles is seeking direction and is on his way to the local church when Billy appears and tells him the truth.

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