Emmerdale spoilers. Major ‘special’ story revealed for Mandy Dingle and Amelia Spencer

The Emmerdale actors Lisa Riley and Daisy Campbell have pledged to appear in several further scenes as they team up for a new narrative that will reveal something “really spectacular” in the future.

Mandy Dingle offered Amelia Spencer a job doing bookkeeping at her salon in Friday’s (March 31) Emmerdale episode.

In response to Amelia’s breakup with Noah (Jack Downham) and the revelation that Samson (Sam Hall) had been pretending to be interested in baby Esther in order to demand money from Noah for the child’s trust fund, Mandy decided to provide a helping hand to the suffering Amelia.

Amelia needed some convincing before accepting the job offer, but if Mandy has a strategy in mind it’s impossible to say no, and before long Mandy was introducing her new hire to the glitzy PampaManda world.

According to Lisa Riley’s Instagram post, it seems that this plot line might be heading to significant developments for Mandy and Amelia.

“Wonderful morning here with my work daughter @daisycampbellofficial doing something special for @emmerdale,” Lisa posted with a photo of herself and Daisy. She also expressed her gratitude to the Emmerdale hair and makeup crew for their efforts in glamming up both her and her co-star, who seem to be outfitted for a night out or a special business function.

Karen Blick, who portrays Lydia and is a fellow Emmerdale actor, responded with “Beauties,” to which Daisy replied, “Love ya,” to which Lisa said, “as are you. We chatted about YOU…….LOADS.”

Daisy and Lisa get along well, and Daisy has previously said how much Lisa inspires her and the other younger cast members.

Can Mandy help Amelia recover from the difficult several months? (Image from ITV)

Drama has undoubtedly been plenty in 2023 for both Mandy and Amelia. Amelia has had trouble balancing her academic studies and looking after Esther the infant.

Samson Dingle, the baby’s biological father, began to show interest in his daughter, and when he volunteered to take care of the child, Amelia was relieved.

Samson was recently lauded as a hero for calling an ambulance when Esther had a health emergency while he was watching for her, but shortly after that Amelia was saddened to learn that his interest in the infant had been a pretence all along.

Esther’s true father figure up until this point, Noah, was discarded in the meanwhile after she became enraged with him for not being honest with her about what was happening.

Mandy, meantime, has suddenly realised that Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) is still the love of her life, but it seems that he doesn’t feel the same way.

Mandy has attempted to be there for her son Vinny (Bradley Johnson) as he grieves losing his wife Liv, but her major attention has been on helping Paddy as he recovers from his mental health crisis (Isobel Steele).

Bernice (Samantha Giles) had to leave Mandy’s salon since the business was not profitable enough to pay her salary.

Hence, accepting Amelia was a tremendous gesture of generosity from someone who is familiar with what it’s like to be a young mother caring for a kid.

We can only hope that the “something special” Lisa hinted at on Instagram would contain a little joy and enjoyment for both characters.

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