Coronation Street spoilers. Daisy Midgeley faces evil Justin Rutherford in court as he denies acid attack on Ryan Connor

Can justice be done as Daisy battles stalker Justin in gripping courtroom scenes? (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

In forthcoming Coronation Street scenes, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) will go to court to defend herself against stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still).

As viewers are aware, Justin stalked Daisy relentlessly for many months, terrorising her and making her afraid to leave her house for fear of what he may do.

The plot in issue reached a frightening dramatic high point last week when Daisy was confronted by furious Justin the Rovers on the day of her wedding to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

The evil stalker hurled acid at Daisy, telling her that no one would love her “after this,” but Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) bravely put himself in danger and was left in excruciating pain as Daisy tried to aid him as they waited for an ambulance.

Thanks to Daisy’s intervention, Justin was afterwards detained while Ryan received medical attention at the hospital. The DJ was then informed by the physicians that it was too soon to determine if he required a skin transplant.

Many ITV soap opera cast members have been sighted filming on-location for Justin’s trial, and Ryan Prescott, who portrays Ryan, was one of them. This confirms that the character will confront his assailant in court.

Daisy waits outside the courthouse (Picture: MCPIX / Zenpix)

Daisy is being supported by Daniel there (Image: MCPIX / Zenpix)

But he’s not the only one—actor Charlotte Jordan can be seen on-location in photos from the second day of production, indicating that Daisy will also battle the wicked Justin.

Will justice be done, though?

Ryan is there to face Justin alongside Daisy (Picture: MCPIX / Zenpix)

In-between takes, actors Charlotte Jordan and Ryan Prescott spoke over coffee (Photo by MCPIX/Zenpix).

The stalker’s actor, Andrew Still, commented on Justin’s heinous deeds, saying, “I believe he’s going to make all kind of explanations later, to try to explain why he did this, but it just comes from a place of hatred and there is absolutely no love in this.”

He started to pay attention to what Daisy had been saying over the course of these weeks while he was in Victoria Garden and being detained.

Will the law be followed? (Image credit: MCPIX/Zenpix)

They will never be together since she doesn’t want anything to do with him, and when that realisation sets in, it hurts his pride and ego. It also makes him feel even worse about his mother.

Nevertheless, Erin Austen has assured fans that this plot will be followed by some “amazing surprises.”

The actor who portrays Crystal, who became friends with Ryan because they both like DJing, spoke about the plot and upcoming events.

She told the Liverpool Echo, “You’ll have to keep watching and believe me when I tell there are some great surprises coming up.”

ITV1 and ITVX broadcast Coronation Street at 8 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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