Spoilers for April 6, 2023 for Emmerdale: Gus makes a difficult choice for Rhona as Leyla finds her strength.

When Rhona’s ex-husband Gus reappears in her life, she is forced to make a difficult choice (Picture: ITV)

In EastEnders, Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) confronts her concerns by standing her own against Callum Matthews (Tom Ashley).

She has recently struggled, her paranoia growing as a result of a string of horrific experiences with the drug dealer that ultimately resulted in his incarceration.

Leyla’s terror increased when she found out he had been granted bail, and she threw herself into Caleb’s (William Ash) arms for support.

Yet as the couple cuddled, a hooded stranger looked on, and in tonight’s episode (April 6), we see another dark figure observing her out of a vehicle window.

Leyla gathers her courage and decides to not let Callum keep her afraid even though Caleb offers to check on her.

Will her stalker’s identity be revealed when she later enters the Village Hall and Caleb captures them?

Caleb confronts Leyla’s stalker (Picture: ITV)

When Kim Taylor and Gabby Thomas’ relationship is still tense, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) witnessed Nicky (Lewis Cope) play with Thomas in another scene (Claire King).

It happens after Nicky acknowledged his emotions for Gabby and she acknowledged them after the two had been secretly dating.

When Kim learned about their secret, she was indignant and fired Nicky, who had been working as Thomas’ nanny.

Nicky proposed to Gabby as a result of the pandemonium, but viewers of the soap opera are dubious of his motives.

Gus (Alan McKenna) eventually explains his reasons for interfering once again in Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) life after arriving back in the hamlet.

Gus showed up right in the midst of Rhona and Marlon’s (Mark Charnock’s) lunch date, during which Rhona was telling her husband that Gus was the biggest mistake of her life.

And when Gus confesses his desire to utilise one of the couple’s stored embryos, which she believed had been destroyed, things are only going to grow trickier for the two.

Now, Rhona must make a difficult choice: would she let Gus use one and raise a kid to whom she is genetically linked, or will she refuse and deprive him the opportunity to become a father?

In another scene, Faye Lamb (Jane Gurnett) and Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) are both anxious about their approaching date.

As they got to know one another over a number of dates, their romance has been developing.

Has Mary discovered “the one” in newcomer Faye? Mary had been having bad luck lately when it comes to finding love.

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