EastEnders spoilers: Sam is upset by Ricky’s rejection before the leaving decision

Sam has had enough with Ricky (Pictures: BBC)

After an EastEnders pregnancy scan, Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) broke the bad news to Sam’s (Kim Medcalf) mother, leaving her inconsolable before she left the show.

After getting Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) pregnant last year and having a talk with Sam in previous scenes, young Ricky was already hesitant about being a dad.

Sam and Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), who were both eating lunch in the café, began up a chat about the difficulties of parenthood.

When Sam reflected on life before Ricky and noted that he would have a child before he would even be allowed to legally drink, it just made Ricky, who was already anxious about being late to the scan, more upset.

Panicked As Ricky left the café, Honey was confused. Yet Sam was confident Ricky didn’t want her there during the scan.

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who approached Ricky while he was having a break, made fun of the fact that she believed she would be the last person to have the scan.

When Ricky argued that he couldn’t be a father, he was everything but cheerful, so Stacey had to encourage him.

He revealed what Sam was like as a mother and expressed concern that he might end up like her.

It was too late for him to pick whether or not he wanted to be a father, but he had to choose whether or not to be a good one, Stacey said, promising that they would all band together to support him.

After the scan, Ricky went to Peggy’s to speak with his mother, telling her some hard realities.

Although Ricky was gushing over the scan, he turned the tables on Sam by saying that she could enjoy life without a “moody adolescent” to ruin it.

Ricky reaffirmed that he doesn’t need her and never has, despite Sam’s insistence that she hadn’t meant what she’d said in the café.

Might she be planning to leave her kid and Walford behind now that Ricky has abandoned Sam and the persona is expected to accept a job opportunity back in Spain?

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