‘Heartbreaking’ moments as Ryan worries he may never experience love again in Coronation Street, according to sources

Ryan Connor will finally witness the full extent of his injuries in upcoming moments (Picture: ITV)

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who was attacked with acid, will experience heartbreaking moments in Coronation Street as he sees the full depth of his wounds and fears that no one will ever be able to love him.

When Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) had him incarcerated for following her, Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) returned to the soap opera with the goal to assault her with acid.

Ryan, however, happened to be in front of Daisy when Justin hurled the substance, making him the real victim.

As the attack left Ryan with lifelong scars and his wounds did not heal as quickly as they had planned, Ryan was dealt another blow when he was informed that he required a skin transplant.

The character runs away from the hospital after learning the truth and recognising himself for the first time since the life-changing incident; Carla Barlow (Alison King) and Daisy later find him traumatised.

Prescott spoke about the emotional strain his character experiences after viewing his wounds as he discussed forthcoming scenarios.

Ryan will see the full extent of his injuries in upcoming scenes (Picture: ITV)
The events happened after Justin and Daisy’s altercation at the bar (Picture: ITV)

As an actor, he said that in this instance, it didn’t take much to make him feel that way since he was staring in the mirror and wearing so many amazing prosthetics.

I don’t believe Ryan anticipated things to be this horrible for him. Since he has never seen significant burns before, he is unsure of what to anticipate, and because he has been wearing bandages for so long, he gradually becomes used to doing without them.

He called the opening moments “heartbreaking,” adding the protagonist fears he would never experience true love again.

As his face injuries are exposed to him, it immediately sends him for a loop. Heartbreaking looks are exchanged at first. He believes that he will never experience love in his life again as soon as he first sees his face. On the street, I’ll be the one people are looking at.

He realises that there is no chance for this to heal and that he will continue to seem to have burns at that very time when all the emotions he had been striving to suppress suddenly come flooding to the surface. It reaffirms to him that this will, in any case, have an impact on every facet of the remainder of his life.

In upcoming episodes of the soap, Ryan will confess his fear of repeating the whole nightmare in court when Justin enters a not guilty plea during his plea hearing.

Prescott has also discussed the significance of the soap opera portraying Ryan’s emotional and psychological rehabilitation in addition to his physical one, calling it one of “the most crucial things to depict in the plot.”

“Acid assault survivors may have hundreds of procedures, many skin grafts, years of face reconstruction, a lifetime of trauma treatment, and PTSD in attempting to come to terms with certain elements, whether those issues are social reasons or identification concerns,” he said.

Trauma has this effect on individuals; it’s constantly there and you carry a piece of it with you at all times. Ryan is still in denial and most likely will remain so for the next year. We want to demonstrate how lengthy the procedure takes.

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