Spoilers for Coronation Street: Michael explains to the murderer Stephen his thoughts about how Rufus died.

Stephen is willing to accept the hypothesis (Picture: ITV)

What do we know about walking on eggshells? Right now on Coronation Street, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) is inadvertently being cautious with Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce). One improper motion will cause them to break.

With a recent focus on learning and advancing his Underworld job, the character has been spending a lot of time with Stephen.

Michael believes that this is a fine plan, but he is obviously oblivious of the fact that Stephen has already killed two people and will probably kill another soon.

As Michael and Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) go to Rufus’ (Steven Meo) home this week, they find out that his corpse has been discovered in the pool.

We may fairly draw a conclusion that Stephen will ultimately murder Rufus given that prior teasers indicated that his next victim will perish by drowning.

Michael, who is eager to begin his new job as junior manager next week, is nevertheless troubled by Rufus’ passing.

Stephen is more than willing to accept his notion that their business partner must have fallen into his swimming pool while intoxicated.

Who will be the next victim of Stephen’s violent side as the list becomes longer?

Might Michael be there?

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