Spoilers for Emmerdale: Chas is shocked as Paddy moves through with a hasty divorce

Chas is in tears (Picture: ITV)

Recently, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) of Emmerdale have been playing “will they, won’t they,” but when Paddy firmly declares they won’t, Chas is due for a soul-crushing reality check.

Chas had been yearning for a family reunion as Paddy has been gradually becoming his old self via a difficult road of self-reflection and self-care. Paddy, however, can’t forget what she did since it made him go to a dark place from which he almost didn’t emerge.

In an effort to provide Eve greater stability, Paddy has begun spending more time with the family. Chas’ optimism was strengthened by a few private minutes and a kiss, while Paddy experienced the reverse, realising their relationship was over. He takes a significant choice when Mandy’s advice to do what makes him happy is still fresh in his memory.

With his mind made up, he gives his wife the fatal blow: He wants a divorce and has already engaged a lawyer.

He tells a distraught Chas that he doesn’t see the sense in continuing, and he requests that they file for divorce jointly. Will she stick to her guns and make things difficult for Pads once again even though it’s not what she wants?

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