Emmerdale reveals Tuesday, April 11: Marlon worries about regretting having an embryo of Rhona, while Kim puts Caleb under pressure.

Would Rhona ultimately regret her choice? (Image from ITV)

Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), in Tuesday’s (April 11) Emmerdale episode, must make a decision that will change her whole existence.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Rhona’s ex-husband Gus (Alan McKenna) turned up at The Woolpack last night, amid her birthday festivities.

Rhona had already agreed to do something for the guy she later referred to as “perhaps the biggest mistake of her life.”

Gus earlier informed her that due to their reproductive troubles, he wants to utilise the couple’s embryo to have a child with his new wife, Lucy.

Rhona was shocked since she believed the fertility clinic had destroyed the embryos.

Rhona’s mother Mary (Louise Jameson) gave Gus and Lucy a talking to in the bar, and when Rhona went outside for some fresh air, she discovered her ex and his new bride in a dejected hug.

She then admitted to have agreed to the shocking request to Marlon (Mark Charnock).

In scenes that will broadcast on Tuesday, a cheerleading Marlon cautions that if the embryo leads in a pregnancy, Rhona may find it hard to distance herself from her biological kid.

As a result, Rhona has a lot of reflecting to do. She eventually cries due to the gravity of the choice.

Will she permanently deny Gus and Lucy the choice, though?

She’ll be aware in the back of her mind that there are one or two children out there who are biologically hers and Leo’s half siblings, according to actress Zoe Henry, who previously spoke about the plot.

That’s incredibly difficult to let go of, and I doubt she gave it much thought until Marlon painted the situation in stark relief: This is what you’re doing. That definitely catches her off guard and awakens her to reality.

Caleb’s after Home Farm – and his son Nicky is in on the plot (Picture: ITV)

At the village’s other locations, Caleb Milligan (William Ash) and his recently disclosed son Nicky (Lewis Cope) proceed with plans to get vengeance on Kim Tate (Claire King).

The hidden son of Kim’s ex-husband Frank, Caleb wants Home Farm for himself. In scenes on Tuesday, Kim puts Caleb under pressure to get everything approved.

Caleb wants Kim to talk with his attorney, however. Kim decides to give him a chance when he convinces her that he can get a better price on some of the goods being offered.

We still don’t fully understand Caleb’s motivations. yet the reality is surely approaching.

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