How old is the actor that portrays Rodney Blackstock on Emmerdale?

Since 2000, Rodney Blackstock has been a mainstay of Emmerdale. (Image from ITV)

From his first appearance in the Dales in 2000, Rodney Blackstock has been a mainstay of Emmerdale for many seasons.

Although while the road to true love isn’t always easy, recently fans have seen him become engaged with assisting fellow Emmerdale legend Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) in her hunt for Mrs. Right by assisting her with a dating app she has joined.

A seasoned actor portrays the role, but who exactly plays Rodney in the soap opera and how old is he?

What you need to know is as follows:

Who is Rodney Blackstock’s Emmerdale counterpart?
Actor Patrick Mower portrays Rodney Blackstock in the television series Emmerdale.

Patrick, the youngest of three children born to his Welsh father and English mother, has been a well-known figure on British television since the 1960s. He had his film debut in the comedy-drama Swizzlewick in 1964, and he also made early cameos in Haunted, UFO, and The Avengers.

He originally gained notoriety as a government assassin opposite Edward Woodward in the 1970–1972 television series Callan. He also starred in Special Branch, Target, and served as a panellist on Whodunnit from 1973–1978.

He has appeared in films including The Devil Rides Out, Black Beauty, To Capture A Spy, and Carry On England on the big screen.

Moreover, Mower repeatedly tried out for the position of James Bond, initially in the 1960s when Sean Connery opted to leave the role.

“I was the first to learn that Sean wouldn’t be taking up the position again.

Sean was a real, genuine rock star. I couldn’t believe it when the producers contacted and asked if I’d want to do it; at the time, he was God; I was 28 at the time,’ he previously told the Daily Record.

Patrick earned a number of TV appearances in the 1970s, including a part in Special Branch (Picture: Thames TV).

As he recounts, “They believed he was too elderly to do another three films and he hadn’t signed his contract, so they tried me again but then Roger signed his contract.”

“I also took the exam when Timothy Dalton won, but they chose Pierce [Brosnan] since they had been eyeing him for a long.”

At 84 years old, Patrick Mower is the longest-tenured cast member of Emmerdale.

He had assumed himself to be younger, though, having thought he was born in 1940 for a long time.

Later, he learned that while his birth had not been recorded, it had indeed occurred on September 12, 1938.

Patrick and Anya Pope have been together off the scene since 1996.

The actor also has two elder children from his previous marriage to Audrey Giles, and the pair has one son together.

Monday at 7 p.m. on ITV, Emmerdale will resume.

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