In light of his plea of innocence, would acid attacker Justin return on Coronation Street?

Justin is scheduled to enter a plea. (Image from ITV)
After the acid assault on Ryan Connor, Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) will shortly return to Coronation Street (Ryan Prescott).

On the morning of Daisy’s wedding, Justin was about to hurl acid at her (Charlotte Jordan), but Ryan leaped in front of her, forcing the acid to strike him instead, making him the victim.

After the first incident, Daisy subsequently discovered Justin outside the hospital after he had fled.

DS Swain (Vicky Myers) arrested the stalker for GBH and violating his bail terms when Daisy confronted Justin and told him that she hated him and they would never be together.

It’s not shocking when Daniel (Rob Mallard) witnesses Justin enter a not guilty plea at the plea hearing since actor Andrew Still earlier assured viewers that his character will make an effort to defend his acts.

Daniel informs Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), who then briefs Ryan in the hospital. Ryan confesses that he is frightened of having to repeat the whole horror in court once Daniel has informed Daisy.

Ryan doesn’t have much time to prepare for the trauma since the cast has just been seen shooting the court sequences.

What will happen then?

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