In the midst of the dramatic Chelsea tale, Zaraah Abrahams discusses if she has a future at EastEnders.

Zaraah is over the moon that Chelsea is engrossed in some exciting tales (Picture: BBC)

Since 2020, when Zaraah Abrahams assumed Chelsea Fox’s job in EastEnders, her character has undoubtedly seen some turbulence.

The most notable aspect of course was her contribution to the long-running Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) saga, when Chelsea eventually got the courage to confront the murdering abuser and bring him to justice.

Since then, Chelsea has lived in Albert Square for a short time but has continued to play a significant role in Walford life, as evidenced by the friendships she is developing with her flatmates Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), Felix and Finlay Baker (Matthew James Morrison and Ashley Byam), and of course, her frequently tense relationship with her mother Denise (Diane Parish).

When Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) attacked her after being rejected by Denise, she just started seeing another toxic guy.

Chelsea has persisted on seeing the positive aspects of Ravi, such as his bond with his kid Nugget, despite everyone warning her about him (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury).

Zaraah told us that Chelsea had “seen the connection between Ravi and Nugget, she’s seen that Ravi’s really trying to do good for him and provide a life Nugget deserves and undo some of the terrible things he’s done in the past to Nugget.” She also noted that Ravi is very cunning in the way he tries to win Chelsea over.

Several individuals are cautioning Chelsea to avoid Ravi, and with good cause too! (Image: BBC)

He does this by giving her a glimpse of a different part of himself and speaking to her in terms she finds appealing, such as talking about commitment and the future while minimising his past to the greatest extent possible. giving her a wink, the eyebrows, and a kiss! He is a rather persuasive individual.

While Ravi’s first goal was to make Denise envious, he and Chelsea are already experiencing real emotions for one another, and the plot still has a ways to go.

Denise is clearly a key player in the events as one of the six ladies confronted by a dead corpse in the Vic in the flash-forward episode, which provided us a sneak peek of some high drama that will unfold next Christmas. Ravi may very well be the victim.

Zaraah Abrahams recently revealed to Inside Soap that she too has no intentions to quit EastEnders and that she expects to play a major role in the drama as the year builds to its suspenseful conclusion.

She firmly said, “I’ll remain with EastEnders,” when asked whether she would think about appearing on another soap.

I feel like I’ve found my footing playing Chelsea,” she said. I like working at Peggy’s because so many different people stop by and the manager often changes.

She also said that she loves the EastEnders set, particularly the area where Chelsea, Whitney, Felix, and Finlay share.

I’m doing well there, and living at No. 1 is excellent too; it’s one of the setups that seems like home. She was excited.

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