Amelia Spencer is departing from Emmerdale?

There is a cancer worry for Amelia Spencer. (Image from ITV)

Samson Dingle (Sam Hall), the father of Amelia Spencer’s baby, has blackmailed her lover Noah (Jack Downham), among other things. Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) has already experienced a lot in her life, including adolescent pregnancy.

She will, however, face further drama in Emmerdale in the form of a cancer scare.

This week’s episodes of the soap opera have a character telling Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) that she has discovered a lump in her breast and instantly thinking about her daughter Esther.

The situation worsens from there, making the young mother worried. Does this imply that Amelia may be leaving us soon?

Here is what we currently know:

Amelia Spencer is departing from Emmerdale?
knows that Amelia won’t be leaving the show anytime soon, but we’ll need to stay watching to see how the new plot develops.

In spite of Victoria’s (Isabel Hodgins) efforts to soothe her, the character worries about who would take care of Esther if something were to happen to her in Thursday night’s episode.

Amelia informs Manpreet about the lump when she first arrives at the physicians’ office, but she is shocked when she is told to go to the breast clinic.

As soon as that happens, Amelia gets a call from the clinic wanting to see her the following day when she is at the playground.

And Noah makes the decision to stay away when he witnesses her sobbing after hearing the news.

Regardless of how the plot develops, Daisy Campbell just revealed she signed up for at least another year, so we can anticipate seeing Amelia on the program for some time to come.

She remarked, “I just signed for another year and couldn’t be happier.”

After finding the bulge, the woman worries about her daughter’s future (ITV image).

You never know when they could kill you off, so I never take anything for granted. Anyone may experience it.

She also notices how her followers respond to her when she goes out on evenings out; some of them speculate that she could really be pregnant.

She said to The Sun, “It’s really amusing. “Where’s your baby?” people ask me when they see me out on the town.

People would approach me when Amelia was expecting on the program and ask, “Oh so you’re not pregnant in real life then?”

Or they could advise me that, given “my condition,” I shouldn’t be drinking.

Emmerdale will recommence on Thursday at 7.30 p.m. on ITV.

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