Spoilers for EastEnders: Struggling Stacey photographs herself in underwear to sell online

Stacey made the decision to create an account on a website where users must pay for the stuff they access (Images: BBC).

In the recent months, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) of EastEnders has become more hopeless. Bills are increasing as a result of the ongoing cost of living issue, and Stace is finding it difficult to stay afloat.

She recently sought out a sketchy loan shark named Shiv, who turned out to be just as slimy and repulsive as we had all anticipated.

And Stacey said that she had raised her rates at the bap van but that all it had done was cause customers to grumble during a conversation with Linda (Kellie Bright) on Thursday’s (April 13) episode of the BBC One soap.

Stacey has been considering the possibility of selling pictures online, among other things.

Freddie (Bobby Brazier), who had begun selling photos of feet to make some fast money, planted this.

Stacey was first concerned about the notion since she didn’t enjoy the concept of uninvited strangers seeing personal pictures of her.

However, things started to change as Linda revealed that she had once been a page 3 model and informed Stace that people aren’t really looking at her, but rather the photo.

We saw Stacey in underwear putting up her phone and shooting a photo of her chest as the show came to a conclusion.

Although she will make money from doing this, would it be worthwhile considering that she will be selling personal pictures?

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