Spoilers for Emmerdale indicate that Paddy intends to reconcile with Chas.

Paddy has concluded that his relationship with Chas is over (ITV).

Despite the fact that their marriage had broken down, Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt and Lucy Pargeter), stunned Emmerdale audiences by passionately kissing in recent scenes.

After their spontaneous moment of intimacy, Paddy guaranteed their future together, and Chas didn’t want to hear it.

When Paddy discovered that Chas had been having an affair with Al Chapman, their relationship crumbled.

He annulled their marriage and booted Chas out after being betrayed.

The pair has been spending a lot of time together however since they are co-parenting Eve.

As Paddy assisted Chas and Eve with dinner preparation, the two started talking, which naturally led to other topics.

Both of them had a lot to think about after their brief kiss, which was broken by Eve screaming for her father.

The next day, they were both still thinking about it and speculating about what this meant for the future.

They got down to discuss matters after having many conversations with friends and family members.

Chas said candidly that their kiss had made her realize how much she valued him.

She led the way, and he said that even though she was the love of his life, their kiss had not brought back any of the emotions he experienced for her in the past.

He informed her that he wouldn’t be returning, forcing a heartbroken Chas to face the fact that their relationship was gone forever.

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