Coronation Street spoilers: As Ryan’s problems worsen, Carla brings them back together?

Ryan received a visit from Carla (Image: ITV)

In recent Coronation Street scenes, Carla Barlow (Alison King) finally visited Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) in the hospital after his acid attack, and it seems that she may have ulterior motives.

Ryan has been in the hospital since since Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) accidentally attacked Ryan with acid while attempting to hit Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Doctors have subsequently told him that he won’t be permitted to leave until he has carefully examined his face injuries, something he has so far found difficult to accomplish.

He has become isolated as a result of struggling to adjust to his new normal, only allowing Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) and Daisy to visit.

Despite this, Carla made the decision that enough was enough, and whether Ryan wanted her to or not, she would go see him.

She invited him to sit down with her and have a discussion, informing him that there were lots of others who wanted to come.

Ryan expressed uncertainty and said he didn’t want anybody to know what was hidden behind his bandages.

Carla became suspicious when he told her that Daisy and Alya had been wonderful, “especially Alya.”

She questioned him about if he wanted Alya to no longer be simply an ex after telling him that it was a sign of a decent man if his ex-wives still wanted to take care of him.

Alya entered the room before he could react and grumbled about the coffee shop’s wait.

Despite this, Ryan still grinned wryly and knowingly at Carla.

As Ryan continues to rehabilitate, may the couple’s reunion be in the works?

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