EastEnders reveals that Ricky pardons Sam in heartfelt moments as she departs Walford.

Things for Ricky altered once he spoke with Amy. (Images from BBC)

In the episode of EastEnders airing on Thursday, April 13, Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) and his mother Sam (Kim Medcalf) reconciled just before she left Walford for a new job in Spain.

Sam and Ricky have never had the best of relationships, and as he’s gotten older, she’s frequently made it apparent that taking care of him isn’t her top concern. Recently, she even said that she would rather to be relaxing on a yacht than dealing with a grumpy adolescent.

After a phone conversation this week, we found out that Sam had been given a position overseeing a hotel in Spain.

Sam (Emma Barton), who was conflicted, spoke to Honey about her alternatives. In the end, she advised Sam to follow her heart and that she could support Ricky and his unborn child with the money she made from her profession.

In tonight’s episode, Sam was shocked to see that her friends and family had given her a parting party as she and Honey entered Walford East.

Although Sam was moved, she couldn’t help but be disappointed that Ricky hadn’t shown up.

He did so since he was talking to Amy (Ellie Dadd) at the time.

Ricky decided to investigate after hearing Amy sobbing. After talking about Ricky’s tough connection with his mother, Amy said that Ricky was fortunate to have a mother at all since her mother (Roxy Mitchell) passed away in 2017.

Sam was filled with emotion, and this was enough for Ricky to change his mind about saying farewell. He hurried outside and gave Sam a bear embrace.

Fortunately, because Sam’s leave was just temporary, it won’t be long until we see her again. Sam got in her cab and left.

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