When Sam Mitchell returns, EastEnders will owe her much more.

Although Sam’s comeback has been appreciated, there is still a lot that can be done (Photo: BBC).

Sam Mitchell left in another black taxi, which has long been associated with many heartbreaking Walford departures, only one year after her welcoming return to EastEnders.

Sam’s departure, which saw her hug son Ricky Jr. (Frankie Day) and make a pledge to stay in contact from Spain, where she hopes to work and save money for his future, was in fact an emotional event.

But now that it’s certain that actress Kim Medcalf will reprise her well-known role, we’re left wondering what Sam’s fate will be when she returns to Albert Square.

She had a difficult beginning to her reunion, it must be stated. Sam has a hidden purpose that included trying to topple her elder brother Phil’s (Steve McFadden) enterprise in order to establish herself. It was a plausible narrative turn for the younger sister who had never felt like she was treated seriously enough.

Sam had a rather frigid posture toward Ricky Jr. while she was busy plotting against her “family,” which did not assist her cause in the eyes of the audience. We were all aware that Sam was warmer than that.

When she had a brief affair with Zack Hudson (James Farrar), true sentiments surfaced, and when she had the opportunity to reunite with her ex-husband Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen), we were able to remember Sam as we knew him. She became closer to her son and, after learning that Amy (Ellie Dadd), his half-sister, was self-harming, she offered her assistance.

For Sam, this was a pivotal moment. She has, however, gone unappreciated by those who are closest to her despite watching out for Amy and growing to be a confidant for Zack when he was diagnosed with HIV.

Even though Phil had every reason to be incensed by Sam’s plotting, he had undoubtedly done worse in the past, and it was heartbreaking to see him brush off Sam’s efforts to win his favor.

He just couldn’t be bothered to behave like the brother she needed, not even after he ultimately won her back into the family.

It’s past time for that to change. There’s no reason not to take Sam there, since Phil made a point of having a heartfelt conversation with his troublesome son Ben (Max Bowden).

Although there have been small instances when their relationship nearly came back into focus, Sam and Phil still need to have an open discussion.

Regarding familial relationships, EastEnders gave viewers our first look at Sam’s early life in a flashback episode last Autumn.

Naturally, Phil (played as a young man by Daniel Delaney) was in the limelight when a secret was revealed; but, his defining moment occurred when he stood up to their aggressive father Eric (George Russo).

We had the impression that Sam’s inferiority mentality may have originated from her mother Peggy’s (Jaime Winstone) explanation to a young Sam (Laila Murphy) that her place was at home, not with her much older brothers.

We want to learn more about Sam’s personality and witness the two of them rediscover their common ground, whether the program decides to explore Mitchell past via another flashback or just through a full conversation between Sam and Phil.

Sam’s recent confession to her caustic ex sister-in-law Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) about how lonely she felt was one of her most memorable moments.

Sam has spoken her goodbyes, but do not worry—she will return! (Image: BBC)

While a wonderful new connection with another in-law, Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), started to develop, Sam’s emotions of loneliness were not adequately explored, and this has to be done again.

However, her moments with Honey were a breath of fresh air. We kindly ask EastEnders to remember this talented new duo.

We are requesting the same thing for Sam’s friendship with Zack, who thanked her profusely for everything that she had done for him.

Sam’s commitment to be there for Ricky Jr. must also be kept. We should foster and grow Kim’s compassionate depiction of a mother who was out of her element but eventually wanted to be with her kid. As Ricky Jr. prepares to become a father at such a young age, let’s hope Sam isn’t gone for too long.

She had all the makings of a contemporary Mitchell matriarch, as shown by those tender moments with him and by Sam’s interactions with Amy and Zack, more so than by any extravagant planning.

Her battling spirit and defiant gleam in her eye are more than enough attitude for the daughter of the beloved Peggy (Dame Barbara Windsor). She has a heart of gold.

Kim’s sincere performances over the last several months have hinted at just how much potential Sam has to become a key member of the Mitchell dynasty and beyond. EastEnders owes this famous heroine the opportunity to finally flourish upon her return home.

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