Soap & Spoilers EastEnders EastEnders reveals a heartbreaking truth as Amy relapses into self-harm?

EastEnders reveals a heartbreaking truth as Amy relapses into self-harm?

Amy senses the strain. (Image: BBC)

Particularly in EastEnders, even the most sinister secrets ultimately have to be revealed, and Denise Fox (Diane Parish) is no exception.

But may she harm others who are dear to her, such as her stepdaughter Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd), as a result of her actions?

Amy will face difficulties when word of Denise’s relationship with Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) spreads between the two families.

Amy (Zaraah Abrahams) reaches out to Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) for support after learning about the affair, only for Chelsea to lash out at Amy for keeping the information to herself.

Chelsea had began to feel something for Ravi, who had enticed her to get to Denise, so it is understandable that she would be upset to hear of his treachery.

Amy destroys her bedroom, breaking a mirror, as she acts out of desperation and raging emotions.

Shortly after, Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) shows up at number 27 after receiving a worrying call from a distressed Amy.

She slams the door angrily, waking up Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), who immediately springs into action.

He enters Amy’s room and sees her inconsolable. He asks if she’s injured herself.

He contacts Denise after quickly realizing that he could have gone too far.

The group converses as Denise and Jack try to persuade Amy that none of this was her fault.

Will Amy heed their words of wisdom or will she relapse into self-harm?

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