Strange murder scenario is shown on Coronation Street as Stephen murders Rufus.

Stephen murdered Rufus. (Image from ITV)

As the destiny of unscrupulous businessman Rufus was revealed, viewers were treated to a rollercoaster episode of Coronation Street on Friday (April 14) night.

The last person to see Rufus alive was the mysterious guest who entered his home via the door he had unlocked in the previous episode.

After accepting a significant assignment from the businessman the previous evening, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) discovered the next morning that he was unable to contact him.

He was anxious about this since he had severed his ties with Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) at Underworld after telling him where to put his work.

The couple decided to visit Rufus’ home in an effort to speak with him in person after receiving advise from his uncle Ronnie (Vinta Morgan).

But when they got there, they saw horrifying sights.

A talk with the maid while the residence was surrounded by police led to the revelation that she had discovered Rufus dead in his swimming pool that morning.

While the circumstances of his death remained unknown, we soon learned the truth as a strange flashback sequence revealed what had occurred.

Following the promotion and reinstatement of his employment, Michael questioned Stephen about his methods for negotiating favorable terms with customers.

The scene shifted and the audience was transported back to Rufus’ home from the previous evening as he started to describe how to get someone precisely where you want them.

The impending events quickly became evident as flashback Stephen walked toward the water.

As Stephen in the present described how ruthlessness is essential to achieving your goals, a flashback The rest of Stephen’s LSD supply was added to Rufus’ beverage.

Stephen took advantage of Rufus’s inability to walk steadily by pushing him into the pool and keeping his head under water until he drowned.

Since discovering that the Canadian bad guy had been drugging Carla Barlow (Alison King) to make it seem as if she was unable to lead Underworld, Stephen had been keen to get rid of Rufus.

How far will Stephen go to defend his position on the Underworld kingdom now that Rufus has left the scene and no one is left to keep an eye on him?

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