Video spoilers for Coronation Street show the reappearance of the acid attacker and Ryan’s agonizing wounds.

In the next episode of Corrie, there will be pain, shock, and betrayal—watch snippets below! (Image from ITV)

The aftermath of the acid assault will be the main topic of Coronation Street the following week, and fresh video spoilers show anguish for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and the reappearance of the villainous Justin (Andrew Still) as he enters his plea in court.

At the beginning of the week, Justin maintains a defiant stance but is visibly alarmed by Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordan) absence.

Although Rob Mallard’s portrayal of Daniel Osbourne is filled with venom, the crowd lets out an audible gasp when Justin does anything.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) is being comforted by Carla Connor (Alison King) at the hospital as he gets ready to get his bandages off.

While Carla struggles to find the appropriate things to say, he makes an effort to be positive, but the sorrow is very much imprinted on him.

The additional clips switch to the plot of Faye Windass (Ellie Leach), who is discovered in a hotel with her ex Jackson.

However, Beth Tinker (Lisa George), who is secretly there with her own ex, doesn’t have the right to speak much.

We witness Craig (Colson Smith) drop down on one knee at the conclusion of the week, but Faye has her sights set on the wrong guy.

Look forward to what is to come.

Tuesday, April 12

When Justin enters the courtroom and sees that Daniel is in the gallery alone without Daisy, his demeanor changes. Daniel gives him a hateful glance, but when he pleads not guilty to GBH, Daniel is shocked.

Thursday, April 21

Carla shows up to the hospital to see Ryan, who is anxious about seeing his injuries for the first time. He playfully tells her to be careful and says, “You’ve got this,” but as they laugh together, he is once again made aware of the pain associated with moving his face.

Carla feels dejected and sad. Ryan confesses that he is tired of feeling this way.

Faye is compelled to confess that Craig is unaware of her presence at the hotel as she enjoys Jackson’s company. Jackson questions her about if she feels the same way about him, but Beth and Marco’s entrance cuts them off.

When Faye enters the memorial garden, she finds Craig dressed up and her loved ones gathering around. Craig goes down on one one and pops the question while Glenda sings and Kirk plays guitar, as Faye looks uneasyly at Jackson.

You can tell that this week in Corrie has been busy and emotional. Which one of Craig or Jackson will Faye select?

Will Justin actually get away with this, and what is he playing at? And how will Ryan handle his injuries when they present themselves?

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