After 23 years of marriage, a single father posts a “Just Divorced” sign on his vehicle.

In order to commemorate his recent divorce, Angus Kennedy poses next to his decorated automobile (Image: SWNS).

Making a Hinge account after 23 years of marriage may be less effective than driving with a “Just Divorced” sign on the back of your vehicle.

As shown by the writing “Honk if you are single” on the back of his Subaru, Angus Kennedy seems to have perfected the art of working smarter, not harder.

The 58-year-old claims that while his divorce from his ex-wife Sophie was “amicable,” he still wanted to celebrate the event.

The author drove his remodelled automobile around Dartford, Kent, after their separation was officially announced in January.

His divorce was finalised in January this year (Picture: SWNS)

He made the decision to commemorate the event in this manner (Image: SWNS).

Divorce doesn’t necessarily have to be bad news; it may also be a reason to celebrate a fresh start, according to Arthur.

“Sofia and I are still friends; our relationship just ended.” However, there is no hostility present.

I thought dressing up the automobile would be a humorous way to celebrate since the final order got through in January.

Five kids, ranging in age from 11 to 23, are shared by Sophie and Angus. The two intended to go to Ecuador’s rainforest and establish themselves there.

The split between Sophie and Angus was ‘amicably’. Image credit: SWNS

But after deciding to part ways amicably in July 2021, they filed for divorce.

Both sides were relieved when this was finally completed in January 2023, nearly two years later.

Angus decorated his vehicle with special pens, writing phrases like “freedom” on the windows, and then he drove around the neighbourhood to celebrate.

For the boot, he made and had printed his own “Just Divorced” sticker, and for the bonnet, he placed artificial flowers and ribbons.

Angus and his family standing next to his automobile Image credit: SWNS

The entire point, according to Angus, was to play around with it. It wasn’t a crusade against marriage.

Going through a divorce is quite traumatic, but the celebration helped me rediscover who I am. Before expecting someone else to love you, you must first love yourself.

“I brought my kid up after boxing, and although it was silly fun, he was mortified. He laughed because other motorists honked at us the whole way home.

We get along fine, and Sophie thinks the entire affair amusing. In order to be divorced and renounce the vows I made more than twenty years ago, I want to contact the church.

I’ve made it my duty to assist the innumerable lonely individuals I see who believe they are too damaged to get into another relationship.

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