Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Coronation Street spoilers: In the murder tale, Stu receives news that will change his life.

Coronation Street spoilers: In the murder tale, Stu receives news that will change his life.

The narrative is very far from over (Image: ITV).

In Coronation Street, Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) was originally presented as a homeless person who often visited Speed Daal to get some of their donated food.

As we grew to know him, he played a significant role in the plot that saw Corey (Maximus Evans) banished to hell for attacking Nina (Mollie Gallagher) and Seb (Harry Visinoni), killing Seb in the process.

When Stu (Shelley King) settled into life at Yasmeen’s, the calm and quiet provided the ideal setting for a fresh scheme to be sprung on him: Stu would spend 30 years in prison for murder.

Over the years, everyone first believed that Stu had killed a little girl named Charlie, but as time went on, it became clear that he was absolutely innocent.

We ultimately learned that Stu was handled horribly by the investigating cops throughout the investigation, and that his daughter, Bridget, was truly accountable for Charlie’s murder. Enter new character Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Stu’s granddaughter Eliza (Savannah Kunyo), who assisted in the murder’s cover-up, is now living with him, Yasmeen, and Alya (Sair Khan), with Bridget and Lucy (Bridget’s mother, who helped cover up the murder), in prison.

After all he’s gone through, Stu is startled to learn that he would get around £200k in compensation.

Later, he is devastated to learn that Eliza is being ridiculed at school as a result of her mother’s incarceration.

As a result, Stu decides to hunt for another school so Eliza may start again. However, after hearing what Stu had to say about Oakhill, Eliza confesses that she is not a fan of the notion.

When she asks Sam (Jude Riordan) about Weathy High, Stu ultimately concedes.

Eliza seems to be making her way to Weatherfield High.

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