Spoilers for Emmerdale: Samson Dingle discusses a tragic tragedy and expresses concern for Amelia Spencer.

Samson began to open up and began to cry. (Image from ITV)

Amelia (Daisy Campbell) was nervously awaiting the results of the tests she underwent after discovering a breast lump at the start of Monday’s (17 April) visit to Emmerdale.

She told Noah (Jack Downham) that her greatest worry was that if she passed away, Samson (Sam Hall) may be Esther’s sole parent.

Given that Samson has never exhibited any interest in his daughter other than when he could use her to force Noah to pay him money, this would clearly be a disastrous conclusion. He has constantly rejected both his daughter and Amelia with degrading remarks. He was his usual cold, indifferent self after learning of Amelia’s health concerns, accusing her of being selfish.

Noah was enraged by Samson’s response to Amelia’s concerns, and when Lydia (Karen Blick) questioned him, it didn’t take long for him to spill the beans about her stepson’s despicable actions.

Lydia wasted no time in telling Samson how she felt about him when she returned to Wishing Well Cottage. He responded angrily and said, “I’m not going to kill Amelia and leave Esther alone!”

These statements provided Sam (James Hooton) a hint as to how his kid was feeling, even if Lydia was still incensed. Later, he spoke with Samson alone. Samson said that Amelia’s cancer worry was resurfacing painful memories of his own mother, Alice Dingle (Ursula Holden-Gill), who had passed away when he was a kid and left him to grow up without a mother.

In tense Emmerdale scenes, Lydia confronted Samson (Image: ITV).

While Alice was expecting Samson, she received a cancer diagnosis. She was recommended to abort the child so that chemotherapy could be used to cure her cancer, but she refused.

After the birth of Samson, Alice began receiving therapy; however, it was ineffective, and when her cancer became fatal, Sam assisted Alice in passing away by giving her an excessive quantity of morphine. After that, Sam battled with being Samson’s only parent, which has made him more understanding of how his kid is experiencing right now.

Samson believed that Amelia and Esther would bring about a recurrence of past events. He said, “Exactly what happened to me when I was Esther’s age is occurring again.

Sam made an effort to calm him by assuring him that Samson would survive, just as he had in the worst-case scenario for Amelia.

Samson said, “I can’t love her like you love me.”

Sam subsequently informed Lydia about Samson’s situation. She was still unsure whether or not she should feel sorry for him, but Sam was clear that he would support him no matter what since he didn’t want to lose his kid.

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