Eliza is in danger as a fire starter on Coronation Street. Hope goes after her

That’s simply how things are; we don’t tamper with Hope (Images: ITV).

Eliza (Savannah Kunyo), the granddaughter of Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), has chosen to enrol at Weatherfield High in Coronation Street.

Eliza informed her grandfather that she was being ridiculed at school since her mother was incarcerated when it was established that Bridget, and not Stu, was responsible for Charlie Walter’s murder.

When Stu realised Eliza needed to make more friends and feel more at home in her new home, he overcame his initial reluctance to send her to Weathy High and called them to set up a meeting.

Coming up, Sam (Jude Riordan) and Hope (Isabella Flanagan) approach as Eliza and Stu get back from the conversation at Eliza’s new school.

Sam asks Eliza to tea out of friendliness, but Hope shoots her daggers, making it obvious what she thinks.

Hope at its best.

Hope sings a few karaoke songs at No. 9, to the obedient applause of Fiz (Jennie McAlpine), Ty (Alan Halsall), Sam, and Eliza.

Later, Hope is enraged when Sam offers to teach Eliza how to play chess.

Hope has a habit of acting out when she doesn’t get her way, so Eliza could be in danger.

Just let’s hope Hope’s plan for retaliation this time isn’t as drastic.

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