Spoilers for Coronation Street: Paul is shocked to learn how his MND will progress from another patient

Trish is a woman Paul encounters (Image: ITV).

Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) tries to assist Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) on Coronation Street after finding that he has motor neurone illness.

The adored character will ultimately pass away as a result of his diagnosis, but in the first stages, Paul must decide whether to notify his family about his condition.

Paul can only keep the truth hidden for so long by distracting himself with the shady assignments Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) has given him before Dee-Dee introduces him to Trish.

Trish chooses to explain the steps and what to anticipate to Paul after learning that she lost her spouse to MND.

When Dee-Dee then advises Paul to inform Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) and his family of his condition, will he be able to do so after meeting Trish?

Or will Paul continue to think about other things?

According to series producer Iain MacLeod, “At first, Paul will massively go off the rails in a misguided attempt to ensure he isn’t a burden on his loved ones” since he is a builder who depends totally on his physically for his job. However, they will be the ones to emotionally reassemble him in the end.

We are dedicated to depicting the consequences of this ailment on Paul and his family and friends in a long-term, sympathetic manner while not avoiding the often harsh realities of what his life will be like.

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